Enterprise Tech News: Apple Announces iOS 10, Microsoft Open-Sourced Checked C, Android N 4th Developer Preview Released

17 Jun. 2016 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Apple announces iOS 10 with an extensive list of new features, Microsoft open-sourced Checked C, and Google announces Android N developer preview 4 with final SDK.

Apple Unleashes iOS 10 With Overhauled Notifications, Revamped Music and Photos App & More

Apple Announces iOS 10 With Extensive New Features

Apple unveiled iOS 10, a new version of its mobile OS, at WWDC 2016. It brings in a plethora of new features that are focused on revamping the Photos, Messages, and Music apps, new aspects of the UI and doubling down on privacy.

The 3D Touch capability in the latest iOS enables touching the items on a redesigned lock screen and do even more by pushing down on specific app icons. The upcoming iOS release will also include features like a completely revamped Photos, Phone and Messages apps, proactive Apple Maps, a new Home App, redesigned Apple News and Apple Music apps, and much more.

The developer preview of iOS 10 is out and the beta preview will be available in July.

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Microsoft Open-Sourced Checked C

Microsoft Research Modernizes C

Microsoft has open-sourced Checked C, a research project for adding new syntax and typing to the language C. It aims at neutralizing some hazards of C programming. It is C’s altered version that handles the issues arising with pointers, language C’s mechanism to access memory directly.

It offers various new pointers and array types that come with built-in safeguards. It also proposes to lessen the programming errors by adding safety features to C. As they are distinct to the current unsafe pointer types in C, a programmer can utilize new checker pointer types for safety and can even revert back to the unsafe types if required.

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Google Releases Fourth Developer Preview Of Android N

Android N – 4th Developer Preview Out

Google has released fourth developer preview of its latest operating system. Developers participating in the Android Beta program will receive an over-the-air (OTA) update with Android N’s preview automatically. The company also released the final version of the SDK for Android N. It is available via Android Studio IDE (integrated development environment).

Moreover, the Google Play Store will also support apps which use API 24 and is paired with Android N. The final version of Android N will be made available in the third quarter of this year.

Google’s VP of engineering Dave Burke wrote in a blog post that, “Now that you have a final set of APIs, you can publish updates compiling with, and optionally targeting, API 24 to Google Play,” Burke wrote. “You can now publish app updates that use API 24 to your alpha, beta, or even production channels in the Google Play Developer Console. In this way, you can test your app’s backward-compatibility and push updates to users whose devices are running Developer Preview 4.”

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