Enterprise Tech News: Apple Unveils iOS 11 Beta 4, Microsoft Releases ACI Service For Azure, Final Android O Developer Preview Is Available

04 Aug. 2017 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Apple rolls out the fourth developer preview of iOS 11, Microsoft launches a new container service for Azure Cloud, and Google unveils Android O Developer Preview 4.

Apple Drops A New Beta of iOS 11

Fourth Beta Of iOS 11 For Programmers

Apple has rolled out the fourth beta of iOS 11 for developers. It brings in some significant improvements including a swipe feature for clearing notifications on the Lock screen along with several visual tweaks to the icons throughout the OS.

It features new icons for Contacts, Reminders and Notes app. The updated notification center now lets you swipe to left on your Lock screen to display options for clearing or viewing it. There’s also a dock, a new app switcher as well as a Files app that allows you to launch apps and manage documents more easily. Currently, iOS 11 beta 4 is available for registered developers only.

Want to know more about the features in iOS 11? Here’s a roundup listing top six features in the biggest iOS release so far.

Microsoft Introduces Azure Container Instances (ACI) Service

New Azure Container Instances Service Improves Speed In Delivery

Microsoft has released a new container service for its Azure cloud computing platform. ACI is a new way to deliver containers with speed and simplicity, without requiring the VM infrastructure to manage it. In the recent years, the adoption of containers has increased due to rise in DevOps and microservices.

With ACI, you can start deploying containers without having to learn new programming models or orchestration concepts. You can develop and test your use cases easily while attaining the following benefits:

  • ACI lets you run a container in the cloud quickly and easily
  • It eliminates the need of VM management
  • You can deploy images from Azure Container Registry or DockerHub
  • It offers Per-GB, Per CPU, and Per-second billing

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Google Seeds The Final Build of Android O To Beta Testers

Android O Final Preview For Developers

Google has just released the fourth and final developer preview of Android O, the upcoming version of its operating system. The latest developer preview arrives with a handful of changes for users and developers. It introduces new notification channels and dots on app icons to alert you about the notifications.

It also features a picture-in-picture video playback, autofill, a streamlined settings menu and Bluetooth audio enhancements for Pixel and Nexus users. Although new improvements and updates aren’t revolutionary, Android developers are advised to test their apps on the latest build as soon as possible. To do that, the latest version of Android studio will be required which can be found here.

Android O Developer Preview 4 supports Pixel, Pixel C, Pixel XL, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and Nexus Player. For regular users, the preview is available as an over-the-air update. Looking to join the Android O bandwagon? Let our Android experts help you make your app Android O ready.

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