Exciting New iOS 9 App Development Features for Developers

05 Aug. 2015 Mobile App

Apple has always managed to keep its product/OS based announcements under wraps. This year is no exception with the company giving us sneak preview into what ‘may’ be on offer this fall. While the tech world has gotten a taste of iOS 9 Beta versions as of July 2015, there are high expectations that the ninth version of the OS will be a leap forward from its troubled predecessor iOS 8.

From the beta version made available to developers, it is clear that Apple’s aim this time will be to make the iPhone easier to use, stable and a strong competitor to Google’s Android OS. Instead of simply jazzing up its devices, some of the changes in iOS 9 are supposed to lay the foundation for future iPads and iPhones.

So as an app developer, here are the development changes to look for in iOS 9 beta:

  1. Lightweight Refined Apps: App bundles are going to get smaller with iOS 9. What this means is, apps will be faster and easier to download as well as install – leading to reduced data consumption. Developers can create support for app thinning, on-demand resources and bitcode, to give users smaller, more convenient app updates. While this may not seem like a big deal, a more compact app bundle is essential in countries with limited internet connectivity/bandwidth.
  2. Proactive App Integration: It is Apple’s answer to Google Now. Proactive is embedded with Siri, allowing developers to code in such a way that when people ask Siri to remind them about something in the app, it will just pop right up on that page. This allows developers to create richer, more fluid experiences across their app.
  3. Deep Linking Search API: The search API is a major move for app developers. Now, when users enter terms on their iPhones or iPads, supporting apps will be able to return relevant results. App developers can use search focused APIs to choose the content that they would like to be indexed. They can control the content to be displayed as a result of the search and can direct the user to the appropriate location on their app.
  4. WatchOS 2: It now comes with native app support for enterprise developers, which means that app makers can have access to a whole new level of power, along with access to the Apple Watch’s internal hardware- including the Heart Rate Sensor and the Microphone. Some of the improvements in WatchOS 2 can be seen in the screenshot below:
  5. WatchOS 2 for iOS 9 beta developers

    WatchOS 2 Features Improved Support for iOS 9 Developers

  6. Upgraded Swift 2: The brilliant programming language is going to deliver tons of new features in iOS making it more powerful, extensible and even easier to use. You can read more from Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2015’s keynote event- What’s new in Swift 2

With iOS 9, Apple is moving towards providing improved user-experience for its consumers be it playing catch-up with the industry or introducing its own initiatives. Its only natural for organizations looking to develop an iOS 9 app to be aware of the development changes this new rollout brings to the market. This would enable them to create more intuitive and cohesive apps for the iPhone and iPad.

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