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Enterprise Tech News: Apple iOS Bug Crashes iPhone, Microsoft Offers Cloud for Governments, Google I/O 2015

29 May 2015

This week’s tech news roundup features: an iOS bug with a set of characters that crash your iPhone with a single message, Microsoft Cloud Platform that facilitates the functioning of government organizations and what to expect from Google I/O 2015.

Apple iOS Bug Crashes the iPhone


A new bug in the Apple’s iOS has been discovered which allows anyone to crash your iPhone by sending a text message with set of certain characters. This bug was found by the Reddit community when several users found their iPhones shutting down after receiving a message on their phones.


When received, the message would crash the iPhone immediately and make it reboot itself, if the user is not looking at his/her message history. The bug follows a defined combination of text that is sent within an iMessage or SMS in order to attack the iPhone. It is believed that this is due to a technical glitch in the iOS’s response to Arabic characters.

Microsoft Cloud Platform for Government Organizations


Governments around the world may benefit from Microsoft’s Cloud Platform designed to meet the governance needs of federal, state and local agencies.


This cloud platform is expected to bring together distinct operating systems, processes and applications in order to help governments efficiently provide public services. The platform promises features such as e-democracy, cross agency collaboration and secure storage of sensitive public data. Microsoft believes that all these factors will enable governments to drive economic prosperity while providing civilians with better services.

Google I/O 2015 Kicks Off on 29th May


Developers and tech enthusiasts around the world are eagerly waiting for Google I/O 2015. This time, the company is expected to come forward with some major updates.


It is likely that Google will make public ‘Android M’, it’s next gen mobile OS. This will have the most impact on the Android user community since universal fingerprint recognition is one of specs in Android M. Apart from this, other technical features that the company may introduce are Android’s expansion to the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile payments.


Here’s the link to catch the I/O 2015 updates as they are declared:


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