Enterprise Tech News: Apple Open Sources Cryptographic Libraries, Microsoft Azure Supports Cloud Foundry, Google Cloud Monitoring Tools

06 Nov. 2015 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features Apple making its Cryptographic libraries accessible to third-party developers, Microsoft Azure to offer Cloud Foundry for Cloud Apps management and Google announces new tools for creating metrics & other system alerts.

Apple Makes Cryptographic Libraries Available to Third-Party Developers for App Security

Apple Crypotgraphic Libraries

Apple recently announced that its cryptographic libraries will be available for third party developers to add an additional layer of security and create secure iOS applications.

Developers will be able to use Apple’s advanced security features of Common Crypto and the Security Framework. Common Crypto libraries provide support for encryption, digests, authentication codes and so on. On the other hand, Security framework helps developers work with public & private keys, security certificates and trust policies so that all sensitive data is stored privately and safely.

Microsoft Azure Offers Cloud Foundry to Manage Cloud Apps Better

Microsoft Cloud Foundry

In a recent announcement, Microsoft has announced that open-source cloud computing platform-as-a-service (PaaS) Cloud Foundry is now available for Microsoft Azure. This also signals an increase in adoption of open-source PaaS technology by enterprises.

An enterprise level software platform, Cloud Foundry will help organizations build, test as well as deploy scalable cloud applications quickly. According to Ning Kuang, Sr. Program Manager, Microsoft Azure, “Developers can enjoy a consistent Cloud Foundry experience in Azure, and a simplified workflow by leveraging Azure Resource Manager templates. We (i.e. Microsoft) continue to be committed to high quality experiences for customers using Cloud Foundry in Azure as well as developers for hyper scale application platform solutions that run on of Azure.”

Have a look at a SaaS based Order & Inventory Management Platform built for Retail in Microsoft Azure.

Google Announces New Tools for Metrics Generation & Log Data Alerts

Google Cloud Logging & Monitoring Tool

Google has launched three new features that align its Cloud Logging and Monitoring services better. These features will help IT administrators derive value from the log data that is generated by cloud based applications and systems.

According to Google, the log based metrics feature, log filter capability and Charts to Logs (which allows a user to shift from chart view to the associated log data) will be available in beta form to the organization’s Cloud Platform customers. As per Deepak Tiwari, Product Manager, Google Cloud Platform, “these new additions will assist IT administration in identifying trends in log data. Also, it will help them solve problems faster by creating granular metrics and easily drilling down to logs when resolving an incident.”

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