Enterprise Tech News: Apple SSL Bug, Microsoft bringing Android & iOS Apps on Windows 10, Adobe Marketing Cloud & Dynamics CRM Partner

01 May. 2015 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features SSL bug that made 25000+ iOS apps vulnerable to hackers, Microsoft simplifies the development process for creating Android & iOS apps on Windows 10 and Dynamics CRM partners with Adobe Marketing Cloud to engage customers in real time.

AFNetworking SSL bug makes 25,000+ iOS apps vulnerable for security attacks

AFNetworking SSL Bug

25,000+ iOS apps have been affected by an SSL bug that leaves these apps open to attackers on the same network. The iOS apps have been unable to defend themselves against this attack since they run on an outdated version of a popular networking library. The bug has spread across the iOS apps because it impacts the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) code in AFNetworking (an open source code library that helps developers add networking capabilities to their iOS/OS X apps).

While three updates have been declared in the last six weeks to address this issue, SSL has left the iOS apps defenceless. Although the latest version of AFNetworking 2.5.3 has addressed the weakness in the library’s domain name validation process. SourceDNA, the security firm that found the flaw, stated that at least 25,000 apps were still operating on an out of date version.

Microsoft allows developers bring Android and iOS apps to Windows 10

Android and iOS Apps to Windows 10

Recently, Microsoft declared that it would ease the process for developers to bring their Android and iOS applications to Windows devices. The announcement also stated that all Java and C++ code from an Android phone app can be re-used to design a Windows 10 phone app. While Microsoft hasn’t been very successful to in getting sufficient apps for its Windows platforms, Android & iOS do not face this shortage.

In addition, the company will also make similar adjustments for web developers. The Windows Store will now host conventional Windows desktop apps and the developers web apps. Till date, developers were able to feature their Windows App in the store but for purchase, users needed to visit the developers site. Henceforth, they can be installed directly from the store. Thus, Microsoft has once again delivered on its promise to move towards a simpler user experience.

Dynamics CRM & Adobe Marketing Cloud partner to engage customers

Adobe and Microsoft Partner

Adobe and Microsoft have decided to integrate Adobe’s Marketing Cloud with Dynamics CRM. The aim of this integration is to help marketers engage customers in an era of disparate systems. Through this partnership, the goal is to enable companies to execute end-to-end marketing strategies that take into account customer reach, acquisition and loyalty. Dynamics CRM complements Adobe’s marketing cloud with features such as marketing resource management. Additionally, the integration also syncs sales and marketing functions so that business development opportunities can be better exploited.

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