Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft Releases iOS Web Debugger For VS Code, Google Unveils gRPC 1.0, Xamarin Adds .Net Platform Support

26 Aug. 2016 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft announces a new extension for Visual Studio Code, Google releases gRPC 1.0, and Xamarin extends .NET Standard Library support.

Microsoft Launches iOS Web Debugger For Visual Studio Code

Microsoft Launched New Tool iOS Web Debugger For VS Code

Microsoft has launched a new extension for its Visual Studio Code text editor which enables developers to debug code for websites on iOS devices. Earlier developers had to use a tool in Safari to do this kind of debugging which required them to have a Mac handy. But with the new extension, they only need to run the Visual Studio Code and install the new Debugger for iOS web extension.

There are two ways to operate the iOS Web Debugger – launch a URL on Safari device or attach it to a running tab within Safari. The two open-source projects – ios-webkit-debug-proxy and ios-webkit-debug-proxy-win32 help in connecting to iOS device from Microsoft’s debugging library.

The extension includes a set of features like the setting of breaking points, debugging of eval scripts, stack traces, and virtual forwarding through HTTP tunnel from the local PC. Just like the editor, the extension is available for free.

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Google Makes gRPC 1.0 Production Ready

Google Releases gRPC 1.0 Which Is Now Production Ready

Google releases gRPC 1.0 which it says is stable and ready for production. It aims to provide a next-gen standard for the server to server communication. It features ease-of-use and API stability.

Originally, open-sourced as Stubby, gRPC is platform-neutral RPC system using Protocol Buffers IDL for defining the end-point services and the message payloads to be transferred after which the stubs for multiple languages are generated. It supports ten languages including C, C++, C#, Java (Java/Android), Go, Objective-C, Node.js, PHP, Ruby, and Python – on Mac, Linux, and Windows.

The messages to be transferred are serialized in binary format with Protocol Buffers 3.0 which performs better than text formats. When compared to JSON, ProtoBuf can reduce the size of a message to half and utilize a third of the time to serialize/deserialize it.

Google has simplified the installation process by providing gRPC binaries through CocoaPods, gem, Maven, Gradle, NuGet, npm, pip, pecl, or Docker images.

Xamarin Now Supports .NET Standard Libraries

Xamarin Supports All Standard .NET Libraries

Xamarin, the popular cross-platform mobile app development tool has now made code sharing across all .NET platforms easier. It provides support for .NET Standard Libraries which can be used to share code across more .NET platforms like recently open-sourced .NET Core and ASP.NET Core.

The .NET Standard Library enables scenarios such as:

  • Defining a uniform set of BCL APIs for all .NET platforms to implement, independent of workload.
  • Hopefully, it eliminates and reduces the conditional compilation of shared source due to the .NET APIs, but limited to OS APIs.
  • Allows developers to produce portable libraries that can be used across .NET runtimes, using this same API set.
  • The new functionality works in Xamarin Studio IDE 6.0.2 as well as Visual Studio 2015.

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