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iPhone 5S and 5C – What They Have To Offer The Enterprises

12 Sep 2013

The two new iPhones launched by Apple have already been a part of a lot of debate. One of the hot topics trending right now is how far will these two devices sink into the enterprise world.


The two new devices that Apple launched in its recent launch event – iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, have the new iOS 7. This new OS is said to have a lot of features that are enterprise friendly, making them a big aid for the enterprises. One of the biggest talked about advantage of the iPhone 5S is its fingerprint touch ID.


If the fingerprint touch ID works as the tech giant promises, then the user will simply require to touch the home button to activate the system. Apple says that not more than half of iPhone users use the passcodes for unlocking their phones and the touch ID will only allow users to derive authenticated security.


Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney said, “The fingerprint reader means that the user doesn’t have to constantly type in passcodes, so I wouldn’t belittle it as a security feature.” Experts also credit Apple for the way the user’s encrypted fingerprint data is stored in a secure section of the A7 processer. As a result, the fingerprint data will not be sent to the Apple servers and backed up at the Apple iCloud sync service or elsewhere.


iPhone 5C, on the other hand is expected to have a major acceptance among the BYOD users, luring them to buy an iPhone for the first time. It is believed that the low price of $99 and the five bright colors in which it is available will especially act as an attractive factor for the youth. However, this may mean that the IT managers might have to reexamine their policies with respect to workplace Wi-Fi accessibility for personal phones.


Apple however believes that the low price of iPhone 5C would encourage a healthy number of the enterprise crowd to buy the device. Even the companies who adopt BYOD policy may find it easier to give their employees the iPhone 5C. However, the concern here, according to analysts, is that most business users buy based on productivity and convenience instead of low prices.


We can only wait and let time tell how far the two iPhones are able to make a mark for themselves in the enterprise world.


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