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Is Your Company Ready for Cloud Integration?

21 Jun 2013

Enterprises are increasingly adopting cloud application development, establishing the fact that the cloud is here to stay. However, most of these enterprises are finding it difficult to find the right approach for cloud app development and cloud integration.


Some companies realize that they have jumped on the bandwagon too soon. To find out if it is the right time to switch to cloud services is a tricky thing for companies because if you’re not well prepared, your venture is at a serious risk. Here are a few points to consider before thinking of starting cloud based services for your product/service.



Acceptability: Discuss with your company’s CTO and core development team about the changes that the new cloud integration will bring with it. These changes will be quite radical and rapid. So your team has to be ready for these changes and should accept the challenge.


If there is a hesitation amongst your technical team about the acceptability of cloud, understand the “whys” and “hows” of it to make cloud adoption easier.


Compliance: First and foremost, check the services of the cloud service provider making sure they have the right document to show a reputed firm has audited them. It is better to be sure than to regret later.


Security: When thinking of switching to cloud services, security is a major concern. However, cloud app integration solves this problem as it integrates physical premise data with cloud apps. If you have strong firewalls on your premise to protect data, you can protect them from theft, leakage and unauthorized access.


Reliability: Many companies usually depend on their technical networking and IT staff to solve their issues. When you’re working with cloud, your IT department can do nothing but call the service provider and wait for the issue to get resolved.


This acts as a hindrance to daily activities. Discuss this with your cloud app development company and ensure that they have a strong and reliable technical team that can solve issues promptly.


These are just a few things that companies and their CTOs should keep in mind before adopting a cloud app development service. Also, if you have taken care of all the things mentioned above and if everything is under control, your company is very likely cloud ready.


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