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Enterprise Tech News: JavaFX 13 Announced, Google Releases Android 10, Microsoft Office 365 Security Enhanced

19 Sep 2019

This tech news roundup covers the JavaFX 13 announcement, Google’s Android 10 release, and Microsoft Office 365 security enhancements.

JavaFX 13 Released With Native Rendering Support


Source: Wikipedia


avaFX 13 – the latest version of the Java-based toolkit has arrived with native rendering support. It will enable developers to add powerful visualization capabilities in JavaFX applications.


JavaFX 13 comprises 97 bug fixes & features such as enabling HTTPS, fixing of memory leak, and more.


The JavaFX 13 helps developers to:

  • Install the Ubuntu OpenJFX package for Monocle platform to run JavaFX applications on e-paper displays.
  • Get static build support for Mac OS X.
  • Extract embedded actions to Visitor class from JSL grammar file.
  • Make Point2D, Point3D, and color fields final to avoid the risk of internal modification by mistake.
  • Enable Point2D and Point 3D fields to execute the interpolatable interface.
  • Reduce the developer work and runtime for various operations with the support of exclusion scope for LightBase.
  • Use the Direct3D9 3.0 shader model for 3D operations.


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Android 10 Announced by Google – What You Need To Know


Source: Wikipedia


Google recently announced its latest Android OS – Android 10. With this release, Google has changed its OS naming convention from sweet names to numbers.


Android 10 (previously known as Android Q) includes many new user-centric features such as system-wide dark theme, improved privacy & security initiatives, better gestural navigation, enhanced parental control, and more.


A few other notable features of Android 10 OS:

  • Live Caption: It will provide real-time captions while playing media on the phone. And, this would get generated entirely on the device and will require no internet connection.
  • Smart Reply: This feature provides smart suggestions & action recommendations for all incoming messages across applications by using device machine learning.
  • Focus Mode: Users can temporarily pause distracting apps using this feature to get something specific done on their device.
  • Project Mainline: Developers can now update critical parts of Android modules without a full software package or a full update from the device manufacturer.


Apart from this, Android 10 comprises ample options for developers to enhance system settings, privacy, connectivity, media, and more.


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Microsoft Enhances Office 365 Security For Enterprise Customers


Source: Wikimedia


Microsoft updated its Office 365 security to respond to critical alerts faster and systemically. The Office 365 enterprise customers can now use the Automated Incident Response to foil security attacks.


Microsoft made two categories of Automated Incident Response in Advanced Threat Protection (ATP):

  1. Automatic investigations: When the user clicks on a malicious link, reports phishing email, or in a situation when a malware attack gets testified in their mailbox, this automatic investigation commences.
  2. Manually initiated investigations: They use Microsoft’s ‘Automated Playbook’ sequences to deal with different scenarios and attack types.


The Threat Explorer Tool by Microsoft helps security analyst to launch such investigations. Microsoft’s Rich Security Playbooks helps to use this automation by integrating with Microsoft Cloud App Security and Microsoft Defender ATP signals and detections.


The companies having Office 365 ATP Plan 2 or Office 365 Enterprise E5 tier plan can use the Automated Incident Response features.


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