Enterprise Tech News: Google Apps for Work & Kronos Integration, Power BI Excel-Friendly Update, Security Issues in Drupal Update

15 Jan. 2016 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Google Apps for Work will be integrated with Kronos Workforce Ready, Microsoft Power BI gets new data-friendly updates and Drupal to address vulnerabilities in its update mechanism.

Google Apps for Work with Kronos Integration to Boost Productivity for SMBs

Kronos and Google Join

Google Apps for work has recently been updated. Small and medium sized enterprises who use Kronos workforce-management software will now be able to work with popular Google tools due an integration project between Kronos and Google.

Both the organizations will collaborate to integrate Kronos Workforce Ready cloud suite for small & midsize businesses with Google Apps for Work. This announcement will help SMBs engage on-site workers and remote employees better with familiar Google applications and smart devices.

For instance, with the Google calendar integration, employee work schedules that are created in Workforce Ready can be auto-synced to personal calendars. This means employees will not have to wait to see their assigned shifts and also no missed meetings!

Microsoft Power BI Updated With Better Data Management Capabilities

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft has updated its business intelligence service – Power BI with Excel-friendly features and other capabilities that cater to data management as a whole. Power BI users will find that they now have more ways of working with Excel data.

Specifically, users will now be able to export tile data. How? Power BI combines data and visualization points into a configurable tiled interface – in simple words, a .CSV file that can be used in other applications including Excel. There’s also a Power BI dashboard. It can now use Excel ranges and give users the ability to play around with complete Excel charts. Apart from data exploration functionality, BI users will be able to collaborate better through the ‘Shared Dashboard Notification’ and ‘Contact Owner of a Shared or Organizational Dashboard’ features.

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Drupal to Address Major Security Issues in Compromised Update Process

Drupal Security Issues

Developers with Drupal, the popular, open-source content management system, are working hard to fix the CMS’s update process after an external researcher discovered a number of weaknesses in it.

Fernando Arnaboldi, from security firm IOActive, found numerous flaws in Drupal’s update mechanism. Some of these errors deal with the inability of the back-end admin panel to report update errors, a cross site request forgery (CSRF) flaw that would let cyber attackers compel admins to initiate update checks, and no encryption for update downloads. The lack of encryption is the most noticeable flaw because it can allow attackers to intercept traffic between Drupal servers and other Drupal-based sites, compromising the site as well as its database.

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