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Enterprise Tech News: Laravel v6.5.2 And Microsoft’s Typescript 3.7 Released, EOL For Magento 1.x Platform

05 Dec 2019

This tech news roundup covers the releases of Laravel v6.5.2 and Typescript v3.7, as well as the EOL (End-of-Life) of Magento 1.x.

Laravel V6.5.2 Released With New Features And Updates


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The Laravel team released v6.5.2 recently. This patch version primarily covers changes and fixes, along with some newly added features.


A few notable points from the current release include:

  1. Support from Laravel for the separation between geometry and geography types when you use PostGIS types in Postgres
  2. Allowed feedback for the previously resolved façade root accessor
  3. Added createWithContent() method to
    • Illuminate\Http\Testing\File and
    • Illuminate\Http\Testing\FileFactory
  4. Allowed typed properties in model serialization on jobs


Changes and improvements in Laravel v6.5.2 include:

  1. Improved readability of PostgresGrammer::formatPostGisType() method
  2. Hydrate pivot relations by overriding the BelongsToMany approach in cursor() method
  3. Added missing dependency on Symfony/debug to illuminate/pipeline
  4. In RedisBroadcaster- ignore the Redis prefix when you verify channel access


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Microsoft Releases TypeScript 3.7

Dynamics 365 New Enhancements

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Microsoft recently announced the release of TypeScript 3.7. It comes with features such as optional chaining, assertion functions, and more.


Critical features of TypeScript 3.7 include:

  1. Nullish Coalescing: In this ECMAScript feature, the operator (??) works as a fallback way to a default value when dealing with null or undefined.
  2. Optional Chaining: It allows you to write a code where you can stop running some expressions running into a null or undefined, instantly. Moreover, it includes two other operations; 1) Optional element access, which allows you to access non-identifier properties, and 2) Optional call, which enables you to call null or undefined expressions conditionally.
  3. Assertion Functions: They are a specific set of functions, which throw an error when an unexpected change happens. A new concept, “Assertion Signatures,” introduced in TypeScript 3.7, follows this model. It sends a message when a specific variable or property type changes from its checked condition.
  4. -declaration and –allowJs: The –declaration tag allows you to generate .d.ts files from the TypeScript source files. It eliminates re-checking of the original codebase while allowing the type-check of the code against other projects. Besides, it enables you to interoperate Typescript code with existing JavaScript libraries.


A few other notable features of TypeScript 3.7:

  • Availability of more recursive type aliases
  • Allowing to enable an enhanced emit mode
  • Build-free editing with project references
  • Uncalled function checks
  • Website and playground updates and breaking changes


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Magento 1.x EOL In June – It’s Time To Migrate To Magento 2.x


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Magento has officially announced that it will stop supporting the Magento 1-based systems from June 2020. It will affect over 2 Million online stores, which are still running on the Magento 1.x platform.


If you have an online store based on this platform, then it is the time to migrate to Magento 2.x. You can take the help of an experienced Magento migration expert to upgrade your eCommerce store to Magento 2.x and continue protecting your site from security attacks.

For the Magento Commerce 1 (Enterprise Edition)

Review the table below and verify the version of your digital store.


Version End of Software Support
EE 1.9 July 2012*
EE 1.10 February 2013*
EE 1.11 August 2013*
EE 1.12 April 2014*
EE 1.13 June 2020
EE 1.14 June 2020


*Security patches available until June 2020

For Magento Open Source 1 (Community Edition)

Check the below table and verify the versions of your Magento store.


Version End of Bug-fix Maintenance End of Security Maintenance
CE 1.0 March 2009 March 2010
CE 1.1 July 2009 July 2010
CE 1.2 December 2009 December 2010
CE 1.3 March 2010 March 2011
CE 1.4 February 2011 February 2012
CE 1.5 February 2012 June 2020
CE 1.6 August 2012 June 2020
CE 1.7 April 2013 June 2020
CE 1.8 September 2014 June 2020
CE 1.9 May 2015 June 2020

The software support and security updates apply to the Magento-based systems only, and not to third-party extensions and customizations. You need to review all the extensions and custom codes of the system, and rewrite them while migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2.


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