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Enterprise Tech News: Laravel 6.0 Released, Microsoft Acquired jClarity, Android Studio 3.5 Goes Stable

05 Sep 2019

This tech news roundup covers the announcement of Laravel 6.0 LTS, acquisition of jClarity by Microsoft and the stable release of Android Studio 3.5.

Laravel 6.0 Announced – What You Need To Know




The Laravel version 6.0 is out with the compatibility to Laravel Vapor along with many other improvements. This release marks the introduction of the new LTS version of this framework. It is along with bug & security fixes until September 3rd, 2021 and September 3rd, 2022 respectively.


Laravel 6.0 Release Notes- Key Points:

  • Laravel 6.0 LTS will continue to follow semantic versioning standard. No change in the Laravel release cycle.
  • Gate::inspect method has been introduced to provide the authorization policy’s response.
  • Job Middleware feature will help developers to avoid custom logic in the job’s handle() method body. That means developers can run jobs through middleware.
  • The frontend scaffolding can now be extracted into a separate Laravel UI composer package. This feature will help developers to iterate first-party UI scaffolding separately from the initial framework.
  • A new class called Lazy Collections leverages PHP’s generators to help developers keep the memory usage low while working with extensive collections of data.


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Microsoft Acquired jClarity To Optimize Java Workloads On Azure

Microsoft .NET 5.0 Preview 2



Microsoft recently acquired jClarity- a London-based Java support service company. With this acquisition, Microsoft plans to enhance the performance of Java workloads on Azure.


The jClarity team of Java experts and data scientists offer leadership and support within the Java community. It is along with helping the customers to optimize their Java applications. After this acquisition, jClarity will continue to support the OpenJDK community and the Java ecosystem.


In the last few years, Microsoft has expanded the usage of Java. The company has large-scale Java deployments such as Minecraft and Azure HDInsight. Moreover, some of Microsoft’s customers, including Daimler, Adobe, and Société Générale, have shifted their Java workloads to Azure.


Therefore, Microsoft believes that collaboration with jClarity’s team will help them to optimize the performance of Java workloads on the Azure cloud-computing platform. As a result, the java developers and end-users will get an improved experience.


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Android Studio 3.5 Goes Stable With A Focus On Product Quality




Google released Android Studio 3.5 to accelerate Android app development. This release will make Project Marble stable; a Google initiative focused on system health, feature polish, and bugs.

Some Highlights of Android Studio 3.5 Stable Release:


System Health

  • New infrastructure and internal dashboards are included to improve system performance. It will help to catch issues that are difficult to identify with typical unit testing.
  • Other notable system health improvement includes auto-recommended memory settings, user interface freezes, and enhancements in build speed and disk I/O file access speed.


Feature Polish

  • A practical approach called Apply Changes has been implemented. It uses APIs from Android Oreo and higher versions to provide reliable and consistent behavior.
  • Other changes include re-architecture of the entire deployment pipeline, data binding, layout editor, and Gradle sync.

To recap, Android Studio 3.5 stable release has fixes for over hundreds of bugs, memory leaks, and IDE hangs along with the improvements in XML & Kotlin typing latency.


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