Last Week in Cloud – Google I/O, IBM SmartCloud Entry

20 May. 2013 Enterprise Tech News

Google and Microsoft indulge in a verbal war while IBM banks on its Watson and the new SmartCloud Entry.

Last week, Google I/O witnessed the launch of Google Compute Engine for general public. It also witnessed a verbal war that issued between the two tech giants – Google and Microsoft, wanting to bring down Amazon Web Services from being the leader in public cloud.

The company’s mantra ‘Don’t be Evil’ was conveniently discarded by Google CEO Larry Page when it came to criticizing other companies’ moves. He commented on the ‘negativity’ brought in to every news piece where Google was compared with one or other of its competitors along with Oracle’s move of suing Google for Android’s use of Java.

Microsoft responded to Larry Page’s comments on interoperability with criticism after Google’s move to have the YouTube app removed from the Windows Phone. Google also made it difficult for the Microsoft customers to connect their Gmail accounts with their Windows Phones, which was a part of the criticism lashed out against Larry Page.

So, neither of the vendor ended up looking good by indulging in a verbal war.

Google App Engine - IBM SmartCloud Entry

While the two tech giants are engaging in a verbal war and with the ongoing cloud competition, there is a new entrée – IBM. This tech giant has come up with the IBM SmartCloud Entry, an easy, cross-platform and multi-platform cloud solution. It makes creating, using and managing your cloud resources as easy as a few mouse clicks.

IBM is also planning to make available its Watson, the natural-language-understanding software, to third-party software makers. The Watson technology may also be used by IBM’s competitors to build their own self-teaching computer systems.

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