Enterprise Tech News: Magento Shoplift Bug Fix, Google Mobilegeddon, Apple-IBM to Deliver Healthcare Analytics

24 Apr. 2015 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features Magento’s Shoplift bug vulnerability, Google’s mobile user focused update and Apple-IBM collaboration to deliver better healthcare analytics

Magento Releases Security Patch to Counter ‘Shoplift’ Bug Vulnerability

Magento Shoplift Bug
A new security threat is doing the round of the retail industry. There are more than 30% online retail stores worldwide built on Magento (owned by eBay) that may have been exposed to this threat. The bug, nicknamed ‘Shoplift’, allows attackers to completely takeover websites. In addition, Shoplift also makes the retailer defenceless against securing customer and credit card information. William de Groot, checked websites across Australia to see if the retailers had implemented the SUPEE-5344 security update for Magento. More than 4000 sites including those of big name electronics dealers, art galleries, travel agents and other retailers had not patched their websites against Shoplift. All Magento users have been informed via dashboard notifications and emails about this issue. However, they have not included the patch in the official release of their e-commerce platform.

Google’s Improving Search Engine Rankings, If Your Website Is ‘Mobile Friendly’

Google Mobile Friendly Update

The first quarter of 2015 saw Google announcing an overhaul to their search algorithms. These changes were implemented to evaluate a website’s “mobile-friendliness”. According to this update, sites that are not designed to fit into smaller smartphone screens would be penalized with a lower ranking. This mobile-friendly change is said to affect more than 40% of Fortune 500 websites. According to the company, a website needs to meet a set of criteria in order to be categorized as mobile-friendly. For instance, the text should be large enough to not require zooming, have even spacing throughout tap targets and the page should prevent horizontal scrolling. Thus, the site should be easy to use from a mobile device. Google has also stated that the rollout of this new algorithm applies to search rankings particularly for mobile devices and is meant for specific pages rather than complete websites. Finally, the targets of the ranking mechanism is not applicable to searches conducted on tablets.

Apple and IBM Deliver Healthcare Analytics through HealthKit

Watson Health cloud healthcare analytics

Apple and IBM recently announced a partnership to share a big data platform that will allow iPhones and Apple Watch to transfer data to IBM’s Watson Health cloud healthcare analytics service. A few healthcare organizations have already adopted Apple’s software platform- HealthKit that allows them to include addition information to patient files. The two companies together are trying to help healthcare providers draw insights from patient data to provide better care in the future. Similarly, IBM’s new online service – Watson Health Cloud analyses the data received through HealthKit. The aim here is to assist care providers to detect medically useful patterns and create tools that can offer customized advice based on a person’s HealthKit data. By working together, Apple and IBM hope to discover new medical information and biometric data from millions of users.

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