Mark Zuckerberg On Helping Developers And Reaching 6 Billion Users

16 Sep. 2013 Enterprise Tech News

Mark Zuckerberg in an interview at Disrupt, the tech event of TechCrunch, on how they would help mobile developers in developing mobile apps.

At Disrupt, the TechCrunch tech event, Mark Zuckerberg gave an interview mainly highlighting the achievements Facebook has made till now. Zuckerberg shared that they had reached a 1.15 billion users with Facebook with amazing results for revenue through mobile apps. He also spoke of a better suite of mobile apps and the not so smooth IPO.

Marc Zuckerberg

However, these were things people already know about. An interesting new fact that he spoke of was how Facebook is now aiming at becoming the best soup-to-nuts platform, especially for mobile developers. In the interview, he said:

‘When I was getting started with Facebook, I felt a void in the way we developed technology. Our brains were wired on communicating with other people. The way we built software and services didn’t reflect that at all.”

In relation to Facebook’s aim, he mentioned Parse as an example, indicating that it was that level of developer tooling they want to do. He further added that there were a number of mobile developers who were depending on Facebook for the growth of their mobile apps. Zuckerberg said that he would be happy if Facebook can help the overall IT industry in building better mobile apps.

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