Marketing Communication in IT & ITES

01 Nov. 2010 General

‘Marketing Communication’ over the years was perceived as more of a B2C phenomenon than a B2B essential (a few will still debate on this). Especially, in IT and ITES industry, Marketing has failed to stick its neck out and fight the likes of Upfront Selling. With the B2C marketing communication strategies reaching epitomes of innovation, leaving the consumers mesmerized, more often than not, convincing them that they require ‘THE’ product, B2B Marketing communication, perhaps had its first stroke of fresh air with the advent of Social Networking Generation. Over the decades, software companies have relied heavily on cold calling, mass mailing campaigns, events, etc for orchestrating their offering to the wide consumer base. All these forms of communications were not something which were innovated or implemented to create an aura about the company; the intent was always to ‘SELL’.

Off late, the likes of Accenture, HCL, IBM are striving hard to hit the ATL (Above The Line) mode of communication, intent being, not to ‘SELL’ directly but to create an awareness in the minds of the potential clients that ‘We too are here’. Satyam (currently Mahindra Satyam) bagged the priced scalp by being the official IT sponsors of FIFA world cup 2010. Does it signify a change in communication pattern? I believe, the communications especially in IT & ITES segments will now not only revolve around proving competitive supremacy, but also, orchestrating the gamut of services one can offer.

As the top companies slug it out in a battle to capture the customer’s mind space, the onus is now on the medium sized IT & ITES providers to innovate. Social networking though may seem as a buzzword and a latest phenomenon, the fact of the matter is that it is nearing the peak of its growth phase. The key to success will now rely on innovativeness and proactiveness shown by a smart marketer. ATL campaigns in target segment are an idea that not many mid-sized businesses have articulated. May be its time to rewind the cycle and be more aggressive to stand out in a really stiff competition. Yes, price remains a key differentiator, but a successful company can breathe easy, if its marketer starts propagating its values more than any other aspect.

In the next form of communication war, as the battle space gets intensified, you never know, covert advertisements in Bollywood would get the better of the software companies’. The advertisements would then look like an SRK, Amir or any superhero would be shown working for and wearing the identity card of a major software firm. Advertising, guess what, it’s here to stay!

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