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10 Dec. 2010 General

As customers make smarter choices day after day, we are no longer in a position to tell them what to buy. They have their own means of gauging what’s right and what’s wrong.

It’s time that all of us pay attention to this change and realize that today’s customer want to be interacted and engaged with.

There could be many reasons of why a customer’s not buying from you. Have you evaluated the customer’s need enough? Do you know what benefits your product brings to your customer and what it can do for them? Are you communicating correctly these benefits to the customer?

Evaluate the points below to convert prospects to customers:

  1. Ensure your offering has a market.
  2. Ensure customers can see the benefits of your offerings.
  3. Bring out the value of your offerings.
  4. Show the customer what need your offering can satisfy – Talk about the benefits keeping in mind the pain points the customer may have.
  5. Be accessible.

The ways of marketing today are changing fast and if we don’t change with the evolving times we are putting our business at risk.

This also makes us stop and think….are conventional means of marketing dying? Are social media and other means the new ways of marketing today?

Today’s customer does not like to be interrupted with the usual marketing and sales methods. With this changing attitude, it’s up to us to research and find newer ways of selling. Think of what we are doing different today and the answers will emerge.

Consumers are just like you and me. With the New Year round the corner, are we ready to change our strategies to align more with our customers?

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