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Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft .Net Core 3.0 Enters Preview Stage, Google’s Project Soli To Control Gadgets, Windows 10 Is Most Popular OS In The World

04 Jan 2019

This tech news roundup features: Microsoft .Net Core 3.0 enters Preview stage, Google’s Project Soli to control gadgets with touchless hand gestures gets federal nod, and Windows 10 conferred as the most popular OS in the world.

Microsoft.Net Core 3.0 Enters Preview Stage

Dynamics 365 New Enhancements

The new release from Microsoft with .NET Core 3.0 will offer .NET Core Web Development Support by introducing Blazer components. Blazer is an open Web standards-based, an innovative framework that enables the creation of UI components running across browser, including mobile over a web assembly .NET runtime. Microsoft is still working on technical issues while enabling the use of .NET for full-stack development.


C# 8.0 is another significant component with .NET Core 3. It brings many new language features, including nullable types, default interface methods, async streams, ranges and recursive patterns, and a couple of other features.


Also, .NET Core 3 will even support EF Core 3, a new version of Entity Framework. It will offer significant changes to the LINQ implementation. Moreover, it will improve the correctness and efficiency of generated queries, and further detect inefficient queries. Entity Framework 6.3 will be a part of the .NET Core 3 launch. It will allow the developers to port existing applications that depend on it.


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Google’s Project Soli To Control Gadgets With Touchless Hand Gestures Gets Federal Nod


Image Credit:Google


Project Soli, the smart device controlling small radar project of Google now has the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) approval. FCC has approved its use in the 57-to 64-GHz frequency band. This experimental division from Google was announced in 2015.


To control a smartwatch or a smart speaker, the project supports human gestures. The tiny radar sensors inside the device would sense your hand motions. It will offer higher power levels for better accuracy. The initial prototypes of Project Soli had trouble picking up every movement of user gestures. Google attributed the challenged to the lower power levels with the smartwatch operates due to FCC’s restrictions. Though after the much-required waiver will mean Google could introduce interactive touchless smart speakers and displays.


Further, this technology can potentially add more functionality to devices with tiny displays. It can even support users with mobility challenges or impairments.


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Windows 10 Conferred As The Most Popular OS In The World


Image Credit:Flickr


Windows 10 tops the spot for desktop operating systems, as per the report of Net Marketshare.


It is the first time in three and half years for this rise for the Microsoft OS. A convertible operating system it acts a bridge among PC and tablet devices. Windows 10 is now in place across 700 million devices and comprises a range of products, including the Xbox platform.


The year 2018 marks as a solid year for Microsoft which also rates among the most valuable companies. As part of this report, Apple, which is now in the No. 2 spot, secured No. Three on the OS list, with 10.14 Mojave pulling in 4.73 percent of the market.


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