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Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft Acquires Mover, Apple Releases iOS 13.2, Laravel v6.4.1 Announced

07 Nov 2019

This tech news roundup covers the acquisition of Mover by Microsoft as well as the releases of Apple iOS 13.2, iPadOS 13.2, and Laravel v6.4.1.

Microsoft Acquired Mover To Enhance Working Of Office 365

Microsoft .NET 5.0 Preview 2

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Microsoft has recently acquired Mover – a leading provider of cloud file migration services. This acquisition would enable Microsoft customers to enhance their workability with Office 365 applications.


Though Microsoft already provides a few tools that support file migration to the cloud. However, with the help of Mover, users can now even collaborate files across various applications and services of Microsoft 365.


  • The Microsoft customers can now use the convenient services of cloud file migration by Mover, including its self-service as well as admin-led offerings.
  • Mover services help users to transfer their data from various cloud service providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Egnyte, and more to SharePoint or OneDrive effortlessly.


With the help of the Mover team, Microsoft has made the cloud migration easier, secure, and faster. The company has put one-step forward in making Microsoft 365 services as affordable and seamless as possible.


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Apple Releases iOS 13.2 With Support To Deep Fusion


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Apple is rolling out iOS 13.2 and iPadOS 13.2 for the iPhone and iPad device users. Besides the usual improvements and bug fixes, the latest OS version has ample new features.


iOS 13.2 provides support to the “deep fusion” technology – a machine learning-based image-processing feature. When you shoot from your iPhone camera, the system automatically captures multiple frames and combines various regular and long exposures. It then creates a pixel-by-pixel analysis to make the photos look superior.


For users:

  • The Camera app now allows changing the video resolution and framing rate directly.
  • You can voluntarily participate in medical research conducted by organizations through the Research app.
  • You can now delete Siri and dictation history also can even opt-out from sharing Siri recordings with Apple.
  • Other features include 70 new emoji, support for HomeKit enabled wireless routers, announcing incoming messages through Siri, and more.


For developers:

  • You get support from iOS & iPadOS 13.2 SDK to develop applications for Apple devices operating on 13.2 version.
  • You can download the SDK bundled Xcode 11.2 beta from the official website.


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Laravel Version 6.4.1 Released With New Changes And Fixes


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The Laravel team released version 6.4.1 recently. The updated framework comes with some new and modified features, as well as a few bug fixes.


New Features:

  • ScheduledTaskSkipped event helps to monitor the task execution based on the truth constraint when a scheduled command gets skipped intentionally.
  • ()missing method included in the FileSystem and FileSystemAdapter classes. It works similar to the current !exists() method.
  • DetectsLostConnection schema will generate an error message ‘connection is no longer usable’ in case of an incorrect server response for a previously executed statement.


Changes & Fixes:,/p>

  • The vendor:publish command now provides more information to improve code readability.
  • The URL validator now accepts underscores in the domain name.
  • Developers can use the isset instead of !empty to change the Redis database.
  • Signedroute() will throw an exception when the route has the parameter named ‘signature.’
  • If the maintenance mode has no change, the output of artisan down and artisan up will be the same.
  • Fix of an issue for retrieving view config before the component loads for Lumen.

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