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Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft Drops Pay-As-You-Go Option For New Azure Users, Google Unveils New Key Management Service, ASF Promotes Apache Beam

13 Jan 2017

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft Azure shifts pay-as-you-go licensing to MPSA for new users, Google Cloud Platform introduces new Key Management Service, and Apache Foundation announces Apache Beam.

Microsoft Announces Licensing Change For First-Time Azure Buyers


Microsoft has announced a licensing change for the first-time users of Azure cloud services starting from Feb 1. The company will direct the new Azure service buyers to its partners under the Cloud Solution Provider program. The new Azure service buyers will no longer be able to purchase services from Microsoft directly under pay-as-you-go Azure plans covered under the MPSA enrollment.


However, the licensing change will not affect the existing Azure MPSA customers. Microsoft claims that the new licensing policy is a way of helping customers who typically makes purchases for value-added partnership, self-service web, or partner assistance. “To make these buying choices easier, as of February 1, 2017, MPSA customers purchasing Azure for the first time will be guided to CSP, and pay-as-you-go Azure will no longer be available for new Azure customers through the MPSA,” said Richard Smith, Microsoft General Manager of commercial licensing in company’s licensing blog post.


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Google Cloud Platform Rolls Out New Encryption Key Management Service


Google has launched a new key management service for its Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The tool is currently available in beta. It provides a cloud-hosted system to developers that deals with and monitors encryption keys. Besides its integration with a few GCP services such as Identity Access Management, it can also be used for handling encryption keys for non-Google systems.


Google’s key management service utilizes Advanced Encryption Standard and tools which the company uses for data encryption in its Google Cloud Storage. It also continuously checks for weaknesses. “As an alternative to custom-built or ad-hoc key management systems, which are difficult to scale and maintain, Cloud KMS makes it easy to keep your keys safe,” Google product manager Maya Kaczorowski wrote in a blog post.


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Apache Beam Establishes As Apache’s Top-Level Project


Apache Software Foundation promotes Apache Beam to the top level. Apache Beam is a unified programming model that enables both batch and streaming data processing at the same time. It provides the runtime flexibility for creating complex batch and streaming data processing pipelines which work with the open-source engines such as Apache Flink, Apache Spark, Apace Apex and Google’s Cloud Dataflow.


The Apache Beam model has five major components including a pipeline to dispatch data through the program, data streams or PCollections, transforms to process the data, sources and sinks where data is retrieved and sent, and runners that enable the entire process to be executed on the engine.


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