Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft Launched Bot Framework, Apple Safari Technology Preview Announced, Jenkins 2.0 Released

01 Apr. 2016 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft launches Bot Framework to help Developers build their own Chatbots, Apple announces Safari Technology Preview for OS X, and Jenkins upgrades its platform to Jenkins 2.0 for easy automation.

Microsoft Launches Bot Framework To Help Developers Build Their Own Chatbots

Bot framework to built chatbot by Microsoft

Microsoft introduced a new tool called “Bot Framework” that will help developers to build their own chatbots for their apps. In addition, there’s a new bot directory that is full of sample bots like BuildBot. It was displayed by Microsoft at its Build developer conference in San Francisco. These bots can work with various applications such as Telegram, Slack, text messages and email.

“Bots are like new applications,” Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella said. “And digital assistants are meta apps, or like the new browsers. And intelligence is infused into all of your interactions. That’s the rich platform that we have for developing website applications

The software development kit (SDK) for BotBuilder is available on GitHub under open-source MIT license.

Rishabh Software, being a Microsoft Gold Partner, offers extensive support to develop robust applications using Microsoft Technologies.

Apple Announces Safari Technology Preview For OS X

First release of Safari Technology Preview by Apple

Apple has announced the first release of Safari Technology Preview. It is a program that provides developers with early access to new builds of Safari which uses “upcoming Web technologies.” This new software can run on Mac along with the regular version of Safari just like Chrome Canary running at the same time as the regular version of Chrome. Safari Technology Preview can be experimented with the latest version of the Mac OS – OS X 10.11.4, or later.

The first release includes the following features:

  • ECMAScript 6 provides support for classes that allow developers to utilize the object-oriented principles in the JavaScript code, iterators, and new APIs.
  • B3 JIT JavaScript Compiler optimizes for quick initial compile times while optimizing the compiled JavaScript for maintained performance.
  • Updated IndexedDB allows developers to store a lot of structured data on the client and access that data speedily.
  • Download the Safari Technology Preview here: http://developer.apple.com/safari/download

    Jenkins 2.0 To Make Automation Easy For Developers

    Jenkins 2.0 to ease automation

    Jenkins 2.0 is an upgrade to the well-known continuous integration and delivery platform for Software development. The upgrade features new improvements for the deliver pipeline and the user interface (UI). The latest version of Jenkins will allow developers to automate processes and describe functions to run tests and builds. This capability is called “Pipeline as Code.”

    Currently, the pipeline capability can be downloaded as separate plug-ins. “Pipelines are going to be the core concept to Jenkins instead of just jobs. So it’s really sending signal to the market that it’s a new life of Jenkins for the next few years,” CloudBees CEO Sacha Labourey.

    The plug-ins in Jenkins 1.x will be compatible with Jenkins 2.0 upgrade. Also, the upgrade will enable users to cope up with the problem of highly complex Jenkins configurations.

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