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Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft Releases C# SDK For LUIS, Google’s New In App Search Tool, IBM-VMware Extends Cloud Partnership

02 Sep 2016

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft makes C# SDK available for its beta language service, Google introduces ‘In Apps’ search for Android users, and IBM deepens its cloud partnership with VMware.

Microsoft Rolls Out C# Dev Kit For AI API LUIS


Microsoft has made C# software development kit (SDK) available for LUIS, its in-beta language parsing API. LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service) is one of the most exciting parts of Microsoft Cognitive Services. It helps an application understand voice commands by users – book tickets, turn lights on/off and so on.


The C# SDK can be utilized in two ways:


  • Directly use the client and call the “predict” and “reply” functions that are present in “LuisClient”
  • Create handlers for each intent and setup a router using these handlers to have the router handle the responses instead of doing it within the client apps.


You first need to build an app and publish it on after which you will get the appID and appKey to use Luis. The C# SDK is available under MIT license on GitHub.


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Google Launches ‘In Apps’ Search Feature For Android


Google has launched a new feature that allows Android users to search content within the apps through a single search box. With the new ‘In Apps’ search mode, you can search within your mobile apps for things like messages, contacts, tasks, music, videos, notes and more.


The In Apps feature is designed to simplify your in-app searching. So, instead of accessing your email or messaging apps to manually find a message, you just need to hit the single search box. Currently, the feature works with a handful of apps like Gmail, Spotify, and YouTube, but it will be connected to Facebook Messenger, Evernote, LinkedIn, Google Keep, Glide, and Todoist in the coming months. The Google app settings will also allow you to select the apps you want to restrain from appearing in the search results.


Have an idea for a great app? Check our Android App Services. LG V20 will be the first smartphone to have the new In App feature. It will also have a dedicated shortcut for ‘In Apps’ search on the homescreen as well as the second screen.

IBM & VMware Strengthen Their Cloud Partnership


IBM and VMware have strengthened their partnership to work with customers adopting a “hybrid” approach. The two companies together went onstage at the VMworld 2016 conference in Las Vegas to announce their extended cloud partnership that was first announced in February. The deal also brings 500 new enterprise customers including Marriott International into the fold.


The expanded IBM-VMware partnership indicates the eagerness of the customers who want to adopt the hybrid approach as a part of their IT strategy. Moreover, it will enable the enterprise customers to extend their existing workloads easily to IBM cloud from their on-premise software-defines data center (SDDC).


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