Enterprise Tech News: Docker Datacenter Comes To Azure, Datamill Emerges As Spring Framework’s Competitor, Eclipse Announces Availability Of Neon Release

24 Jun. 2016 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft brings container innovations managed by Docker on Azure, Datamill arises to be Spring Framework’s competitor, and Eclipse Neon release train has arrived.

Microsoft Announces Container Innovations With Docker Coming To Azure

Microsoft Involves Docker To Azure Marketplace

Microsoft has announced new capabilities to run applications in containers. It is an alternative to more traditional VMs (virtual machines), both on Microsoft Azure cloud and in organization’s on-premise data centers. Azure’s chief technology officer Mark Russinovich demonstrated some new features at the Dockercon conference in Seattle.

Additionally, the Docker Datacenter software will enter the Azure marketplace. Microsoft also brings its SQL Server to Linux. It will run within a container that is managed by Docker Datacenter in a VM on Azure Stack. While on the cloud side, the company has launched Azure Container Service, and for on-premises, Hyper-V Containers in Windows Server has been introduced. It is assumed that Microsoft will bring some of the on-premise container technology over to the cloud. So, now the Windows Server Containers will work with the newly launched Azure Container Service.

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Datamill To Compete Java’s Spring Framework

Datamill An Alternative To Java's Spring Framework

Datamill is an open-source framework and is positioned as an alternative to Java’s Spring Framework. It leverages Java 8, lambdas and brings functional programming to Java web development. Datamill utilizes functional reactive style developed on RxJava and Java Virtual Machine.

“Modern-day Spring allows you to be pretty concise,” lead developer Ravi Chodavarapu said. “You can get an elaborate web service up and running using very little code. But when you write idiomatic Spring, you find yourself strewing your code with lots of magic annotations, whose function and behaviour are hidden within complex framework code and documentation.”

Developers can also specify how the data flows via an application and how it can be modified. It makes the flow and manipulation of data via your application highly legible, unlike other modern Java-based frameworks. Currently, Datamill is in its early stage of development.

Eclipse Ships Annual Release Train To Focus On JS & PHP

Eclipse Foundation Ships Neon Release Train

Eclipse foundation’s annual release train of open-source software development technologies has arrived. This year it focuses on JavaScript, PHP, and Docker. The Neon release is now available for download.

Eclipse simultaneously offers a release of multiple technologies with the intent of letting users upgrade download all at once. It features 84 projects and over 69 million lines of code. Eclipse JSDT (JavaScript Development Tools) 2.0 highlights Neon, a JavaScript IDE (integrated development environment) featuring a JSON editor, support for the Grunt and Gulp task runners, and the Chromium V8 debugger integration.

The release train also includes Eclipse PDT (PHP Development Tools) 4.0 with enhanced performance and backing for PHP 7.0. In addition to that, the Eclipse Docker Tooling project that deploys Docker containers has also been enhanced with feature improvements and bug fixes.

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