Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft Releases EF Core 1.0, Google Unveils New Awareness APIs, MongoDB Launches Atlas DBaaS

01 Jul. 2016 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft releases Entity Framework Core 1.0, Create context-aware apps using Google Awareness APIs, and MongoDB launches Atlas.

Microsoft Releases Entity Framework Core 1.0 To Support macOS & Linux

Entity Framework Core 1.0

Microsoft releases a lightweight, extensible and cross-platform version of it’s open-source Entity Framework. Entity Framework Core 1.0 was released in conjunction with the release of ASP.NET Core and .NET Core.

The open-source framework extends support for macOS and Linux. It is featured on the object-relational mapper (ORM) for .Net developers to utilize relational data through domain-specific objects.

“EF Core is a new code base and very much a v1 product,” Microsoft said, though the developer experience is the same as EF6x and most top-level APIs remain the same”. The new, extensible, and lightweight core has also allowed us to add some features to EF Core that will not be implemented in EF6.x, such as alternate keys and mixed client/database evaluation in Linq queries. At the same time, EF Core is built over a completely new set of core components. This means EF Core doesn’t automatically inherit all the features from EF6.x. Some of these features will show up in future releases — such as lazy loading and connection resiliency other less commonly used features will not be implemented in EF Core” Microsoft said.

Moreover, EF Core supports database engines like MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite and NpgSQL (postgreSQL).

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Google Awareness APIs To Provide Apps Amazing Content-Aware Power

Google Awareness APIs

Google unveils a new set of Awareness APIs for developers to utilize in the latest version of Google Play Services. It will enable developers to perform various functions and send alerts on the basis of the state of your device, location, weather, and more.

The Snapshot API helps an app to collate your information based on the “current context” like weather conditions or location. The Fence API identifies a certain set of conditions such as the type of movements or use of headphones. In addition, Google states that the toolset manages the system resources more efficiently to avoid battery drain or excessive use of bandwidth.

MongoDB Launches Atlas DBaaS For Managing Deployments

MongoDB Atlas

MongoDB launches its first DBaaS (Database-as-a-Service) offering called Atlas. The new DBaaS offering will initially facilitate easy management of instances on AWS (Amazon Web Services) but will soon come to Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

The service comes with pay-as-you-go pricing and complements its offering for the enterprises who want to use MongoDB in the cloud. The company believes Atlas to be a fault-tolerant and self-healing database platform for its users. Atlas can also monitor the databases and offer backups, with the data being replicated always in different availability zones.

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