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Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft Unveils Guest Access Feature, Google Launches Dedicated Interconnect, Java EE Moves To Eclipse

15 Sep 2017

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft Teams announces a new feature for Office 365 users, Google debuts Dedicated Interconnect, and Oracle transfers Java EE management to Eclipse Foundation.

Microsoft Teams Rolls Out Guest Access Feature


Microsoft Teams has announced a new update for the users of Office 365 business and education customers. Its new Guest Access feature will allow the users to add individuals outside the company to a team. According to Microsoft’s official blog, “Anyone with an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) account can be added as a guest in Teams. That means anyone with one of the more than 870 million user accounts–across Microsoft commercial cloud services and third-party Azure AD integrated apps–can be added as a guest in Teams.”


Microsoft further plans to add the ability for Microsoft Account (MSA) holders to be added as a guest in Teams. If the guest doesn’t have an MSA, they can sign up for a free MSA using their existing corporate or consumer email adresses like in Outlook or Gmail. In Microsoft Teams, guest accounts can be managed with the help of Azure Active Directory B2B Collaboration. This will enable enterprise-class security with support for conditional access and such other features.


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Google Introduces Cloud Dedicated Interconnect

Google has introduced a new service for enterprises called Dedicated Interconnect. By using this service, enterprises can establish a private network connection to Google Cloud Platform as a part of their hybrid cloud deployment. Dedicated interconnect offers various benefits to business users such as easy onboarding via manageable, high-bandwidth network, reduced costs, and security by avoiding public internet routing.


The new service is available in public beta in 10Gbps increments and at several locations around the globe. Once a user connects to the service, Google provides access to all Google Cloud Platform regions through a private fiber network.


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Oracle Moves Java EE to Eclipse Foundation

Java EE is likely to get a new name as Oracle in collaboration with IBM and Red Hat has chosen Eclipse Foundation to advance the platform. “The Eclipse Foundation has strong experience and involvement with Java EE and related technologies,” wrote Oracle software evangelist David Delabassee in a blog post. This will help us transition Java EE rapidly, create community-friendly processes for evolving the platform, and leverage complementary projects such as MicroProfile.”


Oracle plans to re-license the Java EE as well as associated GlassFish technologies to Eclipse. This will include Technology Compatibility Kits TCKs, RIs, and related project documentation. The company will also demonstrate the ability to develop a compatible implementation, establish an internal branding strategy for the foundation, and a lot more to facilitate a rapid transition. However, all this will be done after the completion of Java EE 8.


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