Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft Launches IoT Central, Amazon Releases CodeStar Service, Oracle Unveils 299 Security Patches

28 Apr. 2017 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft unveils IoT Central as its new SaaS offering, Amazon launches CodeStar service, and Oracle releases 299 security patches.

Microsoft Simplifies IoT Management By Introducing IoT Central

Microsoft Simplifies IoT Management  With IoT Central

Sam George, Microsoft’s Partner Director for Azure IoT took to company’s Internet of Things (IoT) blog last week to announce the new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, IoT Central. This offering gives enterprises a fully managed solution to set up their IoT deployments without requiring in-house expertise to deploy a cloud-based IoT solution from the scratch. Basically, it is IoT-as-a-Service.

Microsoft also released two additional services: a preview of Azure Time Series Insights and Azure Stream Analytics on Edge Devices. Azure Time Series Insights is a managed service that enables enterprises to analyze billions of events generated by an IoT system. It further helps to perform in-depth analysis and find anomalies in near real time. Azure Stream Analytics on Edge Devices is a feature for streaming analytics when the cloud connectivity is limited or unpredictable.

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AWS Unveils CodeStar To Simplify Cloud App Development & Deployment

Amazon Simplifies Cloud App Development

Amazon has introduced AWS CodeStar service to simplify development and deployment of an application on its cloud platform. It eases project setup by utilizing templates for web applications, web services and other applications on the common development platforms.

It helps developers to provision projects and resources for software development processes ranging from programming to testing and deployment. AWS CodeStar was released with an aim to help organizations have agile, dynamic software development processes. It uses templates to simplify security management, provisioning, and continuous delivery.

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Oracle Addresses 299 Vulnerabilities In April Critical Patch Update

Oracle Patches 299 Vulnerabilities

Oracle released its largest security patch update on April 18, fixing 299 vulnerabilities across various Oracle software. The patch included a widely exploited vulnerability in Apache Struts V1 along with a Solaris exploit supposedly used by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA).

The Apache Struts vulnerability enables remote code execution on Java web servers which was patched on March 6. It was quickly adopted by the attackers and used in widespread attacks thereafter. Oracle’s April Critical Patch Update (CPU) fixed 25 flaws in Oracle Retails, Communications, and Financial Services applications, 39 in MySQL, 3 in the Oracle Database Server and 8 security fixes in Java. The CPU contained 40 fixes that were rated as critical, 25 of which holds the highest severity score of 10 in the CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System).

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