Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft Collaborates With MariaDB, Multi-Region Support for Cloud Spanner, Magento 2.X Security Update

17 Nov. 2017 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft joins the MariaDB Foundation to launch a new database, Google Cloud Spanner gets multi-region support, and Magento patches multiple vulnerabilities in Open Source and Commerce 2.x.

Microsoft Unifies With MariaDB Foundation & Announces Azure Database for MariaDB

Microsoft Connects with MariaDB Foundation

Microsoft has announced that it is joining the MariaDB Foundation, the nonprofit that governs the development and maintenance of the MariaDB database. The company made the announcement on the first day of its Connect Developer Conference.

MariaDB is a fork of the popular relational database – MySQL. It was developed by the original contributors of MySQL. The MariaDB Foundation addresses one of the most common issues of open source projects, i.e. attracting and enabling new contributors. The database has more community contributors compared to MySQL and Microsoft has joined the MariaDB Foundation as a platinum sponsor to help continue this work. In addition to this, Microsoft has announced an upcoming preview of Azure Database for MariaDB which it will soon make available to developers for testing.

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Google Adds Multi-Region Support To Its Cloud Spanner Database

Multiple Region Support by Google Cloud Spanner

Google recently updated its Cloud Spanner database with multi-region support. This will enable the customers to distribute their databases across the several Google cloud regions. With workload distribution to multiple cloud regions, the customers can benefit due to the fault tolerance that the capabilities provide as well as the reduced latency for processing data from the database to customers.

The multi-region support will also allow enterprises to globally distribute workloads without having to worry about the issues like working to maintain consistent data copies across various regions. Google will tackle the complexity of running the underlying compute capacity required for catering to the needs of a specific workload. The only thing that the customers need to do is write the code.

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Magento Releases Security Enhancements for Open Source & Commerce 2.x

Magento 2.X gets Security Update

Magento released some crucial security updates for Magento 2.x. These security enhancements are aimed at increasing product security and functionality of Magento Open Source and Commerce. The updates include 15 security fixes that aid in closing cross-site request forgery (CSRF), authenticated Admin user remote code execution vulnerabilities and unauthorized data leakage.

It also includes more than 40 functional improvements including significant contributions from the community members. Magento users can download and install the new Commerce updates by logging into My Account and then navigating to the upgraded version. The Magento Open Source software can be availed from the Open Source download page.

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