Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft Extends Open Sourcing For Bing, Google’s Android September Security Update, Oracle Purchases LogFire

09 Sep. 2016 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft open-sources Bing components for rapid code compilation, Google rolls out September Android security update, and Oracle acquires LogFire.

Microsoft Open-Sources A Search System That Powers Bing

Microsoft Plans Open Sourcing It's Search System

Microsoft has recently open-sourced new projects that were used for powering its search engine – Bing and the intelligent mind behind Cortana. The components are available on GitHub site for BitFunnel as ‘BitFunnel text search/retrieval system’.

Currently, the project is in a nascent state with minimal code but one of the open-source projects have applications beyond search systems. It includes a framework to generate just-in-time compiled machine code. The GitHub site for BitFunnel includes three major projects:

The first project is BitFunnel text search/retrieval system which has been posted for doing development out in the open, albeit the documentation does not exist and the code is in an incomplete state, as per the repository’s README file. The second project – WorkBench is a tool to prepare text for use in BitFunnel. The third project, NativeJIT is written in C++ and takes expressions that use C data structures and changes them into highly optimized assembly code.

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Google Patches 55 Vulnerabilities In Android’s September Security Update

Google Rolls Out September Android Security Update

Google has released the September Android security update that fixes 55 vulnerabilities across three different patch levels. With the new three-patch model, the handset vendors could easily deliver the most crucial patches for a subset of vulnerabilities.

Google Nexus devices received the complete patch level designated as 2016-09-06, while the other two patch levels providing a subset of patches are 2016-09-05 and 2016-09-01. Overall, eight critical vulnerabilities in Android were patched including one in the much-maligned media server component. Google had begun splitting Android security updates into two patch levels with the July update which patched 108 vulnerabilities.

The September update also fixed the Quadrooter flaws which Check Point, the security firm publicly reported at the DefCon security conference in August. The two Quadrooter flaws are:

1. CVE-2016-5340 – Google identifies it as a critical vulnerability that enables privilege escalation in the kernel shared memory subsystem

2. CVE-2016-2059 – It is rated as having high severity and is also a privilege escalation flaw

Google has offered a major boost to security and features in its new Android Nougat. Get a secure and feature-packed Android app built for your business with our Android Development Services.

Oracle Acquires Cloud-Based Warehouse Management Firm LogFire

Oracle Attains LogFire For Cloud Based Warehouse Management

Oracle is acquiring LogFire, a firm providing cloud-based warehouse management applications. The acquisition aims to boost the features of Oracle’s supply chain management (SCM) cloud offering. The Redwood Shores, California, software, and cloud giant expects the addition of the LogFire applications to complement the logistics functionality of Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) Cloud by expanding warehouse management capabilities.

However, the financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Oracle aims to benefit from LogFire’s expertise in cloud-based warehouse management “while we integrate into Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) Cloud’s broad suite of innovative applications that enables supply chain organizations to modernize their supply chain processes,” wrote LogFire’s CEO and founder, Diego Pantoja-Navajas, in a recent post.

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