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Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft Acquires BlueStripe, WWDC 2015 Launches iOS 9, Dropbox Enterprise Update

12 Jun 2015

This week’s tech news roundup features Microsoft’s upgrade to its enterprise infrastructure management services, WWDC 2015 launches iOS 9 and Dropbox finally paying attention to its enterprise users.

Microsoft Scales Up Infrastructure Management Services By Acquiring BlueStripe


Microsoft has strengthened its infrastructure management side of business by acquiring BlueStripe. The latter is an organization that helps enterprises to manage their applications on cloud infrastructure. Specifically, BlueStripe’s services help in monitoring and troubleshooting apps installed on various operating systems, data centers and clouds. According to Microsoft, this new service will be incorporated into already existent Microsoft tools such as System Center and the Operations Management Suite (OMS).

WWDC 2015 Launches iOS 9


The recently concluded Apple WWDC has introduced a host of new features for tech enthusiasts. One of the most important update was to the iOS. The new iOS has been upgraded with quite a few improvements.


The most noticeable among those are: less space required to install eliminating storage issues, better compatibility across devices, stronger battery life with one extra hour, introducing a proactive assistant that enhances search result which is a part of a major upgrade to the original Siri. Apart from these, developers will now be able to use the search API launched as part of iOS 9.

Dropbox Introduces New Features For Enterprise Users


Dropbox has announced several major changes to attract and retain enterprise customers. These are also meant make business users feel more at ease with using Dropbox for Business.


As per industry reports, Dropbox has faced difficulties in handling its enterprise customers. Despite having 100,000 business users, the enterprise storage space is heating up and competitors are increasing the pressure on Dropbox to better serve large enterprise customers. Some of the newer elements of Dropbox for business are security management through two factor identification, ease of handling relationships across folders and a connector for Active directory that facilitates Dropbox deployment in large organizations.


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