Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft Unveils R Server 9 & R Client 3.3.2, AWS Releases Blox Software, Node.js Releases NSolid 2.0

09 Dec. 2016 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft releases R Server 9 and R Client 3.3.2, AWS open-sources Blox, and NodeSource releases N|Solid v2.0 and certified modules.

Microsoft Released R Server 9.0 & R Client 3.3.2

R Server 9.0 And R Client 3.3.2

Microsoft has released R Server 9.0 to help large organizations operationalize data science. It will enable the users to create models in R, deploy outcomes to SQL Server and convert them into Web services. It will be easier to incorporate data analysis results in the applications that help in doing things like predict airline delays or enhance email marketing campaigns.

The company also released R Client 3.3.2, the latest version of the free software that can run on desktops, as opposed to the servers. R Client version 3.3.2 is memory-constrained but can connect to R Server. It includes some features that are unavailable in its community version but at the same time supports community packages. It can run as a part of Visual Studio IDE with the R Tools add-in. Currently, it is available only for Windows.

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AWS Open-Sources Blox Software For EC2 Container Service

AWS Launches Open-Sourced Blox Software

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched Blox, a collection of the open-source project that helps developers build custom schedulers in EC2 Container Service (ECS). It also allows developers to integrate third-party schedulers like Mesos with ECS.

Developers “really want to have more control over their own schedulers,” and they “want to be able to test locally,” Amazon vice president and chief technology officer Werner Vogels said at AWS’ re:Invent developer conference in Las Vegas. The first two components in Blox software – a reference scheduler and a service to capture data on clusters which can be queried, are available on GitHub under Apache 2.0 license.

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NodeSource Unveils NSolid v2.0 & VM-Neutral Node.js API

NodeSource Releases N Solid Version 2.0

The Node.js Foundation unveiled NSolid version 2.0, a major upgrade to its commercially supported version of Node which features security enhancements. These enhancements include runtime package vulnerability monitoring and customizable app security policies.

Synk, a security research company provides vulnerability monitoring to find issues such as distributed denial-of-service issues. It also guarantees a 24-hour response for security updates in the core Node project.

The company also introduced Node.js API (ABI Stable Module API or NAPI) which focuses on defining a stable module API independent from changes in V8. Additionally, the Node.js platform will begin producing the nightly node-chakracore build, facilitating the use of Node.js with the ChakraCore JavaScript engine.

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