Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft To Shut Down Azure RemoteApp, Google Unveils Availability Of Its Cloud Databases, Workday Chooses IBM’s Cloud

19 Aug. 2016 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft dropping Azure RemoteApp for XenApp Express, Google Cloud Database Services reaches general availability, and IBM announces a big strategic partnership with Workday.

Microsoft Drops Azure RemoteApp To Favor Citrix’s XenApp Express

Microsoft Shuttering Azure Remoteapp And Turns To Citrix

Microsoft has decided to shut down Azure RemoteApp, its cloud-based remote app delivery service, in 2017. The company has collaborated with virtual desktop specialist Citrix to use its product called “XenApp express” that will replace Azure RemoteApp. The product is currently under development. It conjoins the application remoting’s simplicity and Azure’s scalability with the management, security, and performance benefits of XenApp. This will help in delivering Windows apps on any device to any employee.

Microsoft plans to shut Azure RemoteApp on Aug. 31, 2017, and will stop taking the service orders from Oct 1. Bill Burley, Vice President and General Manager of Citrix Workspace Services, said customers can consider the new XenApp Express as “Azure RemoteApp v2.0,” combining the enterprise capabilities of the Citrix XenApp application virtualization platform with Azure RemoteApp’s ease of use.

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Google Announces General Availability of Its Cloud Database Services

Google Says Its Databases Are Enterprise Ready

Google has announced the general availability of its cloud databases which includes Cloud SQL (second generation), Cloud Datastore (managed database service), and Cloud Bigtable (NoSQL document database). These databases are now available with a guarantee in the form of SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Cloud SQL service is one of the key products of Google which allows customers to spin up a database that is completely managed by Google, once it is configured. For some tasks, it benchmarks faster compared to Amazon’s new Aurora database service.

The company will also streamline the deployment of Microsoft SQL service using Google Compute Engine, it’s IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) offering. The users will now be able to spin up GCE instances with included SQL Server licensing. It has also announced the general availability of customer-supplied encryption keys in the Cloud Storage product.

IBM & Workday Inks A Seven-Year Cloud Computing Deal

IBM's Partnership With Workday

IBM has signed a new cloud deal with Workday to serve as a foundation for the development and test environment of Workday. The company is continuing its strategy to expand its cloud ecosystem by collaborating with industry leading partners like Workday.

The deal is expected to provide Workday with greater flexibility and the ability to scale its operations. However, the financial terms of the deal are yet to be disclosed. “IBM and Workday are both delivering transformative applications and services in the cloud,” Aneel Bhusri, Co-founder, and CEO of Workday said in a statement. “Workday will use IBM Cloud to continue accelerating Workday’s internal development and testing efforts to support our ongoing global expansion.”

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