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04 Jul. 2011 Microsoft Solutions

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a Microsoft product mainly designed for Content Management. It is designed to accommodate various web applications and to support various enterprise website requirements. The current trends of business demands sharing of information to make it easily accessible, secure and available to its users.  SharePoint is a tool which makes all of the above possible! People can work together, share information, documents and reports among them with appropriate security features incorporated.

Uses of SharePoint development services

Sharepoint development services

SharePoint development services are widely used in many countries and almost in all firms to keep track of their daily activities and documentation. These services are more widely used for Intranet applications. The growth and complexity of business and the management functioning that goes along with it, demands a tool that assists in tracking, monitoring and connecting different departments in an organization. SharePoint development services provide the right tool which enables you with vast accessibility to create a configurable web application and content management site so that the organizations can build their product and can share information among them. SharePoint configuration is very easy for anyone to start with, without having knowledge of any Programming languages.  SharePoint versioning is also very tightly integrated to keep track of versioning of each documents and data uploaded to the server.

In current market scenario, there are many stringently regulated industries viz. Healthcare and Pharmaceutical. Such industries have started using SharePoint development services as a collaborative tool to share their business information and products. SharePoint custom workflow, web parts, reporting and dashboards simplifies the existing business processes of healthcare organization. It also simplifies collaboration and control of real time dashboards and reports which improves the overall efficiency with the customized applications on the SharePoint Portal. Approval process and compliance of organization can be easily achieved using SharePoint workflow and custom web part.

SharePoint InfoPath – Will help organizations to create electronic versions of forms and streamline existing business processes.

SharePoint is also tightly integrated with Active Directory of the organization, supports external database connectivity to incorporate external data into the application.

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