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Enterprise Tech News: Announcements Of TypeScript 3.8 Release Candidate, Angular 9.0 And Laravel 6.15.1

20 Feb 2020

This tech news roundup covers the announcements of Angular V9.0, Laravel V6.15.1, and TypeScript 3.8 release candidate.

TypeScript 3.8 RC (Release Candidate) Is Available Now

TypeScript 3.8 release candidate version from Microsoft

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Microsoft recently announced the TypeScript 3.8 release candidate version. It brings improvement in JavaScript import syntax, ECMAScript standards enhancements, and many other features for efficient application development in less time.


The highlights of TypeScript 3.8 RC are:

  • New syntax for type import/export: The import type syntax allows declarations for type annotation and declaration only, which erase before the runtime. While, the export type syntax offers an export for type contexts, which would be deleted from TypeScript output.
  • Support for ECMAScript’s private fields: It is a part of JavaScript’s class field declaration proposal, where public and private fields integrate into a single, orthogonal whole.
  • “Fast and loose” incremental type checking: It reduces the build time of individual files, as the TypeScript code only checks or rebuilds the files that have been changed or imported directly.
  • Top-level await: This new ECMAScript feature removes restrictions at the top of the module under certain conditions to make non-blocking operations.
  • Better Directory Watching: The watchOptions field in tsconfig.json and jsconfig.json allows users to determine the file watching strategies of the language/compiler service and monitor the files and directories.


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Angular Version 9.0 Arrives – What’s New

Angular version 9.0

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Angular releases V9.0 with next-gen Ivy compiler and runtime by default. It comes with many bug fixes and significant performance improvements for a higher app development speed, testing, and debugging.


Few notable features of Angular 9.0 are:

  • The default Ivy renderer offers faster AOT compilation with an improved CSS class, style binding, and other enhancements. It allows users to update applications and their dependencies in a consistent manner.
  • Updates for Angular components enable developers to include YouTube and Google Maps capabilities in the applications correctly.
  • The improvements in the i18n extractor tool make it easier to add compile-time inlining with Angular CLI to publish the application in multiple languages.
  • Enhancements in VS Code, WebStorm, and TypeScriptHost improve the language service support and help to build and test scripts conveniently
  • Improvements in testing API, Angular Forms, dependency injection, and service worker as well as many bug fixes for Ivy compiler, core, ngcc, Bazel, and language service


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Laravel V6.15.1 Release


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The Laravel team released version 6.15.1 recently with fixes in appending rows to artisan tables. Besides, new methods introduced for the collection class along with included features and updates.



  • New whereNull() and whereNotNull() added in the collection class to verify and compare two queries and further merge them.
  • A new MockStream class resolves the testing issues when using the table() in an artisan command.



  • Resolved the issue with the event::list command where it was showing non-registered events even while auto-discovery mode was disabled
  • Fixed a bug for nested JSON arrays when querying Postgres grammar


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