Enterprise Tech News: Azure gets SQL Server Express, Ionic Releases Framework 2 Beta, Google Open Sources EarlGrey iOS App Testing Tool

19 Feb. 2016 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft Added SQL Server Express to Azure Cloud, Ionic Framework 2 Beta is released and Google open-sourced iOS App testing Tool.

Microsoft Updates Azure With SQL Server Express for Lighter Workloads

Microsoft puts SQL Server Express on Azure

Microsoft has boosted its Azure cloud platform by providing a free SQL server version. The license for SQL Server Express is free but Microsoft will charge the customers for running VM instances that contain the SQL Server. A management and monitoring application for Azure Data Factory integration service has also been added by Microsoft to improve the efficiency of users and provide an intuitive experience to them.

Developers can access SQL Server Express to develop and test web or mobile applications with tools 2014, 2012, 2008R2 virtual machines for Azure. Along with that, SQL Server Express VMs also support. .NET, JDBC, PHP and other programming languages. In addition to top web-based CMS like Drupal and WordPress. The launch of SQL Server Express in Azure addresses the modern development needs by offering a low-cost, lightweight SQL Server option for testing applications.

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Ionic Team Announces Ionic Framework 2 Beta

Ionic Framework 2

Ionic has announced a beta version of Ionic framework 2. In the announcement Ionic Lead Developer Adam Bradley discussed the improvements in version 2. The new framework continues using Angular but it is built on Angular 2.

Along with the architectural evolution, the beta version comes with changes in navigation handling. The pages can be pushed on and popped off a navigation stack which provides more flexibility and resolves many issues that were present in version 1. Although, a page can still exist within multiple contexts in a sidebar or a dialog box without being restricted to discrete URLs.

Ionic 2 simplifies and streamlines the Material Design styles and support along with iOS-styled components and takes it to a whole new level. Developers can get the access to Ionic Framework 2 with npm including Ionicons, Ionic 1 and Ionic 2 to develop more sophisticated UIs.

Google Has Open-Sourced Its iOS App Testing Tool

Google's UI Testing Framework – EarlGrey

Google recently announced that it has open-sourced EarlGrey, a tool for developers to test iOS Apps. The company has used the tool to build software for Apple’s mobile platform including YouTube, Google Photos, Translate and Calendar apps.

EarlGrey contains features such as built-in synchronization that help developers write tests easily and extensible components that help determine element selection and interaction.

Prior to EarlGrey, Google also open-sourced J2ObjC, a tool that helped developers to turn the lingua franca of Android and Java code into Objective-C. The project garnered more attention when Google announced that it is has hit version 1.0.

EarlGrey works with iOS devices and simulators and is now available on GitHub.

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