Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft Obtains Wiki From Agile Extensions, Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool Gets A New API, AWS Strengthens Its Cloud Directory

10 Feb. 2017 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft acquires Wiki extension from Agile, Google launches new mobile-friendly test API, and AWS launches Cloud Directory to store hierarchical data.

Microsoft Acquires Wiki Extension From Agile For VSTS

Microsoft New Acquisition Of Wiki Extension

Microsoft recently announced that it has acquired Wiki, the Marketplace extension from Agile Extensions. Agile Extensions is a small firm located in Germany and founded by Michael Seidel in 2016. Rather than installing an extension from the Marketplace, the acquisition aims at offering an inbuilt Wiki experience for Visual Studio Team Services. The company plans to deprecate Wiki’s Marketplace listing as soon as the experience is built into Visual Studio.

However, Microsoft has no plans to enable users to use Wiki extension with TFS (Team Foundation Service), the on-premises version of Team Services. Instead, a new built-in Wiki tool will be introduced for TFS.

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Google Introduces New API For Its Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool

Google Releases New API For Mobile Friendly Testing Tool

Google has opened up its mobile-friendly test tool for developers through a new application programming interface (API). Developers can use the API to build their own tools around the mobile-friendly test tool to see If the pages are mobile-friendly.

Google’s John Mueller said, “The API method runs all tests, and returns the same information — including a list of the blocked URLs — as the manual test.” He added, “The documentation includes simple samples to help get you started quickly.”

The output of the test API consists following three statuses:

  • MOBILE_FRIENDLY_TEST_RESULT_UNSPECIFIED – an internal error when running the test. You must try to run the test again.
  • MOBILE_FRIENDLY – when the page is mobile friendly.
  • NOT_MOBILE_FRIENDLY – when the page is not mobile friendly.

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AWS Enhances Its Cloud Directory Capabilities

AWS Unveils Cloud Directory For Data Centers

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has opened up its Cloud Directory for the US East. US West, Singapore, Australia, and Ireland datacenters. The directory powers Amazon’s Cognito and Organizations products. It claims that the Cloud Directory can safely handle multiple dimensions and data extensions.

“Cognito User Pools use Cloud Directory to offer application-specific user directories with support for user sign-up, sign-in, and multi-factor authentication. With Cognito Your User Pools, you can easily and securely add sign-up and sign-in functionality to your mobile and web apps with a fully managed service that scales to support hundreds of millions of users,” AWS chief evangelist Jeff Barr wrote in a blog post.

Furthermore, the new Directory service is designed for fast lookups and data retrieval which will eventually be consistent. Pricing for AWS Cloud Directory varies for different regions and starts at $0.0036 per 10,000 reads, $0.0039 per 1,000 writes, and $0.23 per gigabyte of storage in Oregon region of AWS. Pricing for Sydney is the most expensive and starts at $0.0084 per 10,000 reads, $0.0090 per 1,000 writes, and $0.285 per gigabyte of storage.

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