Microsoft’s Attempt at Pushing Their Social Tools for Enterprises

28 May. 2013 Enterprise Tech News

Microsoft alleges that its enterprise social tools can help improve productivity of the enterprises.

Microsoft is spreading its wings far and wide in the social tools section for enterprises. Its SharePoint features a core set of social tools, it recently acquired Yammer and is in the process of integrating Lync and Skype. These changes indicate that Microsoft is making a great effort towards making its social as a cornerstone of the services offered to enterprises.

Its new campaign is dedicated towards making the companies understand how social tools can help them in increasing their productivity. To enhance their campaign, Microsoft also commissioned a new study trying to understand the acceptance of social in the enterprise section. The survey was conducted by Ipsos, which gathered responses from nearly 10,000 workers from across 32 countries.

Microsoft Yammer

The results in general pointed out that social tools used at work help the employees work better and improve their productivity. According to Yammer’s director of enterprise strategy Brian Murray, there is still resistance, mainly from the IT department, in adopting such tools.

The employees, however, are now expecting the kind of user interface through social tools, they experience with their consumer products, at their work station. Microsoft has huge investments in the social area of enterprises and believes that enterprise social will play a major role in a company’s growth in productivity.

In a statement released, Kurt DelBene, president of Microsoft’s Office division, said “Just as email accelerated the pace of business in the 90’s, enterprise social will be the driver of greater agility and transformation in the 21st century workplace”.

All we now have to do is wait and see how well Microsoft’s enterprise social can help companies improve their productivity. What do you think about social in the enterprise?

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