Microsoft’s Call To Developers Via Windows Phone App Studio

07 Aug. 2013 Enterprise Tech News

Microsoft has announced a program called the Windows Phone App Studio beta, in which developers can try out app designs for the Windows phone and test them by downloading it on their devices.

Yesterday Microsoft announced a new program, the Windows Phone App Studio, which is a web based tool. This tool can be used by first time developers or those who develop apps for a hobby. The developers will be able to design an app and then download the same onto their Windows phones to test it out.

They will be able to unlock and register a single phone on which they can upload two apps for testing purpose. On the other hand, those having an active Microsoft developer’s account, will be able to publish their app on the Windows Phone Store as well. Developers who would want to register for a developer’s account will be able to do so at just $19, a discounted price up till August 26th.

Windows App Studio


This online app wizard has a variety of inbuilt customizable templates which will allow the developers to apply text, web content, imagery and design concepts to their apps. Hosted on the cloud, the coding and backend services will be taken care by the App Studio. The ‘no coding required’ strategy is what makes this program unique.

An additional unique point of this whole announcement is that the Windows Phone App Studio is made available by Microsoft itself. The tech giant may have laid out this opportunity in a bid to boost the numbers of apps it passed in the previous year, which was 145,000. However, it is yet to be seen whether the company is able to do so via its Windows Phone App Studio.

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