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11 Feb. 2014 Mobile App

For Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) or a small business owner, every sale counts. With the evolution in technology and smartphones, more and more people are using mobile applications as their mode of shopping. Mobile apps have become an integral part of today’s modern culture.

Apps today are not limited for our entertainment, but also helps to improve our productivity – be it for ecommerce, finance or managing our daily tasks. Below article highlights, why businesses today need a mobile app to stay ahead of the competition.

Local Small BusinessSmall businesses need to focus on their mobile presence more than ever

MobiThinking shares stats that there were 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions globally by the end of 2012. Out of which 2.1 billion were accessing the web through mobile. In US, 25% of mobile device holders access the web only through mobiles whereas in India it is a whopping 59%. Mobile internet is big, and is growing each day. There are many reasons to develop a mobile app even though you are a small business owner.

Some of the Benefits of having Mobile App for your Small Business

Deliver Better Customer Service

Many organizations today are focusing on customer service. They invest heavily on building the infrastructure and people to deliver effective customer service, as it helps in retaining existing customers.

Here the question arises – how will a mobile app for my business contribute towards my customer service system? A mobile application is a fast, an easy method for customers to contact you regarding any type of questions or queries; it bridges the communication gap between the organization and its customers.

Increase Visibility

Many mobile applications use geo-location systems to notify customers about stores/business in close proximity to their current location. Such apps helps small business owners to gain more customer visibility and increase their sales. Furthermore, mobile applications can also help you in marketing your business by promoting your business through discount coupons and festive deals.

Easy Payments

Smartphones have made purchasing very easy and secure. Many customers prefer to pay with their cards, and many small businesses are unable to capture the potential revenue because they do not have the authority to process these transactions. Mobile apps help small business owners to take payments, send invoices, notify about new offers through push notifications to their customers smartphones.

An app for your small businesses helps in gaining positive publicity, offer better services, generate customer interest, improve customer relations, and build a strong brand image.

Rishabh Software helps you develop an ergonomically designed mobile app to reach your customers and manage online payments with ease. Talk to our team of experts at 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) or fill in the contact form and get a quote on developing a mobile app for local business.

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