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Mobile Application Development 2013: Challenges and Opportunities

20 Mar 2013

With the rate of mobile app development expected to rise by five to nine percent, the future of mobile application development looks both bright and positive for 2013. Smart phone users are asking for more and more advanced, sophisticated and innovative mobile apps and it seems like developers are taking advantage of this lucrative opportunity. Smart developers understand the target market and provide refined applications ensuring that the future of mobile application development remains as bright as ever. Let us discuss some of the challenges and opportunities that mobile app developers are likely to face in the year 2013.

Challenges of mobile app development

The greatest challenge in mobile application development is to consider the varying capabilities of all the devices and building an app that works best for all of them. Some of the questions to consider are – should your app be native to a single platform or should it be a web app that runs on all devices? The decision to choose the platform is influenced by costs as the development budget can escalate if you choose to make your app run on all devices.

Another challenge is to provide personalization of services and devices. Developers have a very short time frame to turn a visitor into a customer. Many mobile apps use GPS to determine user’s location or a quick sign-up process with Facebook. But they are not able to turn the potential customers to actual customers. This is because they fail to provide further utilization that can lure the customer to pay.

Another challenge that lies ahead is mobile app stores becoming more and more controlled and stricter. The mobile app business is becoming like music album business, where only the top albums get sold while rest get lost in the abyss. With app stores taking in to account customer reviews, downloads and ranking apps, the challenge has become even greater.

Opportunities of mobile app development

One of the greatest opportunities for mobile application development is the sustainable advertising revenue. Many app developers are focusing on social media, advertising and e-commerce benefits through their apps. This industry, though relatively young, is growing very fast and is sure to bloom even more.

Another opportunity is developing business apps that cater to a niche such as developing a quick order processing app for your neighborhood cafeteria or making an appointment app for a healthcare institution. These customized apps are known to improve the efficiency of businesses and increase their profitability in very short time. Thus, opportunities for mobile applications not only lie in making games and other apps for the young ones but also in the business community.

If you are into mobile apps development, you can head into 2013 with full enthusiasm as the future looks promising. However, as word of caution, make sure you research the market for the app you wish to develop, just as you would for any business.

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