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18 Apr. 2011 Mobile App

Mobile Application Store is a place where Developers, Network Service providers and OEM’s come together to distribute mobile applications to end users. This is a new fad in the market where every Network Service provider and OEM wants to have their own Mobile Application store to maintain their competitive advantage in the market and acquire most of the user base. An Alternative approach that can be taken up is the Mobile Web Application development route. Alhough going this way helps you develop apps that work across multiple platforms, skip the approval process and save you from sharing revenues with a Mobile Application Store, it becomes difficult to reach the masses which are drawn towards these App Stores.

The concept of mobile application store is not new, it is in existence since 2001 when the QUALCOMM Brew came up with SDK to help developers, develop and distribute mobile applications to the consumers. Apple store can be considered as one such revolutionary store, which made its mark across the globe having the maximum number of applications and revenue generation through their stores. It initiated the war of having mobile application store for each OEM and Network Service provider.

Today numerous mobile application stores are online of which there is close competition between the Apple Store and the Android Market place. Android Market place is giving steep competition to other players in the market with rise in available mobile devices having Android as the operating platform.

What drives the popularity of these mobile application stores is the number of devices in the market with respective platforms. But Nokia with its Nokia Ovi suite having Symbian platform, the largest consumer base has not made its great mark with the mobile application store. Apple Store and Android Market Place are ruling the space.

The advantage mobile application store brings to the individual and the corporates is enormous. Today these stores have profited the developers in millions with one single application; it has opened its gate to the consumer base with options to choose from new applications every day. It has changed the way people do business and for corporates it acts as a advertising and marketing medium.

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