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16 Aug. 2011 Mobile App

Android has definitely created a buzz in the market these days, right from smartphones and tablets to the latest applications; it has grabbed the attention of a large chuck of the market.  The Android mania has led to the creation of a high demand in the Android app development space by the Android developers community and its consumers. Android phones are easy to customize with new features and functionalities due to its inbuilt Android Market that offers thousands of free licensed apps.

Below is the list of the most popular Android apps –

Google Voice

Google voice android app

Google Voice app is an Android app that lets you make calls and send text messages from your Google Voice number. The app can send and receive text messages for free. The voicemails get transcribed into text and can be read on your phone as well. The most attractive feature of the app is that it allows you to make international calls directly from your phone at a very minimal cost. The app has an ability to integrate with your mobile phonebook and Google contacts that allows you to create different types of greetings for different callers.


Gdocs android app

GDocs is an easy way to access your Google Docs on your phone anywhere, anytime. GDocs app allows users to create, edit, view, import, export and synchronize documents with the Google Docs account.

Angry Birds

angry bird android app

Angry Birds is a popular free game by RovioMobile. The app was initially a paid app on other platforms like iOS but the “Lite” edition of the apps was free for Android and iOS later. The full version of the apps was released through GetJar and is now available on the Android Market.

Aldiko Book Reader

aldiko book reader android app

Aldiko Book Reader is a well-known and most frequently used free Android app that lets you download ebooks and allows you to read it on your phone or tablet. The Android Market gives you access to a large collection of free ebooks that you can download and import to your own ePub and PDF files.

Barcode Scanner

barcode scanner android app

The Barcode Scanner  turns your Android phone camera into a barcode scanner.  You can scan the barcode from your Android phone camera and look for reviews and prices of the product. You can even run a Google search for the product to know its specifications and details. The application is so fast that it will take you by surprise with its speed as you shop at a retail outlet and check prices of various products before your purchase!


Google Sky Map

google sky map android app

The Google Sky Map app is an amazing app that tells you the name of the constellation that the Android mobile camera is pointing toward. It gives you a real-time view of the stars, planets, constellations to help you identify the celestial objects in view. These kinds of apps are called “Augmented Reality” apps that layer over digital information on real experience.



shazam android app

The Shazam is one of the most useful & coolest app that helps you search & identify music tracks, store them and also give you information about the artist. All you need to do is allow your phone to listen to the soundtrack for 15 seconds and run a voice search. The results are what you are looking for – the name of the soundtrack, name of the artist, etc.

So what are you waiting for? Get an Android smartphone and explore a whole new world of Android apps!

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