Enterprise Tech News: MS Dynamics CRM 2016 for Enterprise Productivity, Google Cloud CDN, Apple patches iOS 9.2 & Mac OS X 10.11

11 Dec. 2015 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s technology news roundup features: Microsoft releases Dynamics CRM 2016 with features for mobility and analytics, Google launches alpha version of its Content Delivery Network to help developers and Apple strengthens iOS 9.2 & Mac OS X 10.11 with numerous security enhancements.

Microsoft Introduces Dynamics CRM 2016 To Improve Enterprise Productivity

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

The importance of CRM is greatly increasing in the enterprise space. To this effect, Microsoft has launched a mobile-friendly and analytics-focused version of Dynamics CRM. According to Jujhar Singh, head of Microsoft’s CRM Business Applications group, the latest edition – Dynamics CRM 2016 is now generally available.

Dynamics CRM 2016 works better with Microsoft Office products like Outlook, SharePoint and Excel. Singh stated that, “The new release is not only our most comprehensive ever, but it also represents a huge leap forward in our journey to deliver intelligent customer engagement. In the past few years, we have been focused on transforming our CRM offerings to leverage the full power of Microsoft—harnessing the intelligent cloud to help companies deliver amazing customer experiences.”

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Google Announces Google CDN for better Application Performance

Google Cloud Content Delivery Network

Google has begun to offer a new content delivery network (CDN) service, called Google Cloud CDN. This new offering is targeted at those independent developers who need their applications to load faster.

Since this is an alpha release, the company is only accepting applications from certain individuals. The restriction is due to the fact that Google Cloud CDN has limited geographical availability at the moment. According to Google, “Google Cloud CDN (Content Delivery Network) uses Google’s globally distributed edge caches to cache HTTP(S) Load Balanced content close to your users. Caching content at the edges of Google’s network provides faster delivery of content to your users while reducing the load on your servers.”

Apple Further Tightens Security in iOS 9.2 and Mac OS X 10.11

Security update for iOS 9.2 & Mac OS X 10.11

Apple has released a number of security updates for its mobile iOS 9.2 and desktop Mac OS X 10.11 operating systems. The security patches address critical vulnerabilities in graphics, networking and wireless operations.

It is interesting to note that most of the security gaps were reported by a single security researcher, Ian Beer, who works for Google’s Project Zero. A total of 54 security flaws were fixed with the 10.11.2 update for Apple’s OS X desktop operating system. In addition, the update for OS X includes patches for components that are shared with iOS. As per Apple, ” Out of the OS X vulnerabilities, 24 could possibly be used for local and remote execution of arbitrary code”.

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