Enterprise Tech News: Releases of Microsoft .NET 5.0 Preview 2, Laravel 7.4, and Android 11 Developer Preview 2.1

10 Apr. 2020 Enterprise Tech News

This tech news roundup covers the announcements of .NET 5.0 preview 2, Laravel 7, and Android 11 developer preview 2.1.

Microsoft Releases .NET 5.0 Preview 2

Microsoft .NET 5.0 Preview 2

Source: Pixabay

Microsoft announced the .NET 5.0 Preview 2 recently. This latest release comes with a new set of features and performance enhancements.

The highlights of .NET 5.0 Preview 2 are:

Code quality improvements in RyuJIT

It includes optimization for:

  • SIMD & hardware intrinsic tree nodes
  • Range check for different array index patterns
  • Eliminating duplicate zero initializations
  • Removing redundant null checks

Garbage Collector (GC)

It contains fixes & updates, such as:

  • Card mark stealing for better work balance in server GC
  • Suspension fixes to reduce the time for suspending background GC and user threads
  • Added support in docker to read the limits from named cgroups
  • A new object heap enables GC to manage pinned objects discretely

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Laravel 7.4 Is Available Now!

Laravel 7.4

Source: Wikimedia

The Laravel team released the Laravel v7.4 recently. The latest version update introduces new exciting features and improvements.

It includes:

  • Castable Interface – Allows specifying the caster classes for “Castable” types
  • Artisan expectsChoice() Assertion – Enables to test given choices in the console test method
  • Collection::when() – Provides the ability to use a higher-order proxy for collections as well as chain other higher-order proxy methods
  • Reorder () – Helps define default order in Eloquent relationships

Apart from it, this latest Laravel release contains many new changes and bug fixes to help developers create efficient enterprise solutions.

In March 2020, Laravel 7 major version was released with the myriad features & improvements, like:

  • Laravel Airlock
  • CORS Support
  • Custom Eloquent Casts
  • Route model binding
  • Markdown mail template
  • Database queue, and more

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Google Announces Android 11 Developer Preview 2.1 Update

Android 11 Developer Preview 2.1

Source: Wikipedia

Google team released the second developer preview of Android 11 OS. This update addresses several bugs and issues, mainly that are user-facing.

It covers fixes for

  • A crash that occurs in the recent apps overview while long-pressing to select an element
  • A problem of the status bar crash in the background, if its components are not initialized
  • An issue where the SystemUI creates multiple WindowTokens, which causes jankiness & dropped frames when navigating and scrolling apps
  • A crash of the settings app while tapping the search bar in it
  • An issue where the Wear OS app crashes while the user tries to pair a Wear OS device

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