Enterprise Tech News: Facebook Open Source Nuclide IDE, IBM – Box Partnership, iOS9 App Deletion Feature

26 Jun. 2015 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features Facebook releasing Open Source Nuclide IDE, IBM-Box collaborating for enterprise cloud services and Apple improving OS experience in iOS 9 update.

Facebook Releases Open Source Nuclide IDE

Facebook Nuclide IDE

Facebook has decided to release its Nuclide IDE under the Open Source licence. Nuclide was originally introduced to the developer community in March and only a few people had access to its IDE, but now it is freely available to everyone.

Nuclide helps Facebook simplify native mobile app development and provides an alternative to other IDEs (such as AppCode and Eclipse) and simpler text editors (like GitHub’s Atom, which Nuclide builds on). The aim is to benefit from the IDEs while reducing the time developers spend on issues like crash recovery and indexing code.

IBM – Box Partner to Strengthen Global Enterprise Cloud

IBM – Box Partner

IBM and Box Inc. have announced an official business partnership. This declaration may prove to be a boon for both companies. While IBM will gain a strong foothold in the cloud space, Box will get access to IBM’s large base of corporate users. In addition, this alliance will also bring together Box’s cloud collaboration platform with other IBM solutions such as analytics and security. Through this deal, both the companies are aiming to serve targeted enterprise markets.

Apple iOS 9 Introduces App Deletion Feature to Facilitate OS Upgrades

iOS9 Update
The recently concluded WWDC 2015 in June 2015 brought forth a number of important announcements by Apple. One of them addressed a flaw present in iOS 8 which made it difficult for users to upgrade to the latest OS. According to the WWDC announcement, Apple iOS 9 will allow users to choose which apps they’d like to delete if they are running short of space on their devices for OS software updates. Once the apps are selected, iOS 9 will automatically mark them for temporary deletion. With this update, users no longer have to manually remove apps or erase their favourite photos or music just to free up space for the OS.

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