Retail Shopping Trends & Insights in 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

07 Dec. 2015 e-Commerce Development

Online retail is growing exponentially around the globe. Around, 30 percent of global internet users have bought products only through their mobiles in 2015. So, it is important for business owners to know about the shopping trends followed during the year and around the holiday season. Customers today demand shopping experiences that are quick, flexible and convenient.

Retail consumers tend to adopt an individualized approach to research and purchase a product, both online and in-store. With global demographic shifts, retailers need to integrate technology in the store, promote on social networks, and create mobile apps to deliver an omni-channel experience.

With rapid growth in online shopping, the future success of the retail industry as a whole hinges on the ability to create unique, brand-defining experiences that customers keep coming back to — irrespective of the channel.

The infographic below highlights the online shopping trends and insights of 2015 that every retail owner should be aware of to grow their business and increase profitability in 2016.

Shopping Trends

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