OpenCart Advantages – What makes this eCommerce platform the best choice for SMBs?

18 Jan. 2016 e-Commerce Development

Starting an online eCommerce store can be an intimidating process especially if your business model is new. An online business can flourish only if the infrastructure (made up of software and programs) chosen to support it is efficient. The right combination of tools can help you achieve your business goals quickly.

OpenCart advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of OpenCart

While there are a number of choices available in the market, a comprehensive evaluation of eCommerce shopping cart platforms is essential. OpenCart is one such platform that businesses can leverage. With the aid of OpenCart website development, a new business can rapidly scale up in the digital world. Let us take a quick look at what makes it the most suitable eCommerce platform for your enterprise needs:

OpenCart Benefits

  1. Quick and Easy Setup Process: As a new startup, you will likely have a compact team. So, setting up and installing an eCommerce store should not be very resource-intensive. One of the primary reasons why businesses prefer OpenCart is that the installation and setup is very easy. It can be easily downloaded compared to other CMS platforms which may require expert help due to their complex nature. In addition, it is open-source, free to use and can be fully customized, making it one of the most flexible shopping cart options around. Apart from that, since it is PHP-based, you may not face any difficulty in finding OpenCart developer talent to get help with any customization that your eCommerce business may require.
  2. Requires Limited Technical Expertise: Budding enterprises need to concentrate all their efforts on getting their business up and running. However, this doesn’t really include the time needed in getting the hang of the software or other tools that the business uses. No eCommerce platform should require days/weeks to master. Fortunately, with OpenCart, you can be assured that your online store will be ready in a very short time frame. Due to its simple nature, an eCommerce site can be easily created, managed, edited even when you have little or no technical knowledge. OpenCart is easy to use and great for beginners who can use it with minimal outside help.
  3. Offers Total Control: eCommerce websites need to provide business owners control and flexibility to run a successful online store. When you consider all the pros and cons of OpenCart, you will realize that it is the only platform that offers the greatest control. It offers a wide range of features that can be leveraged to make your eCommerce store beat competition. Also, if a functionality is not available, extensions or modules can be downloaded.

OpenCart is no doubt an excellent choice for new businesses. But, there are a few limitations that you should be aware about. Firstly, when you purchase a plugin for OpenCart and update the script, some functionality may get lost. Secondly, OpenCart doesn’t provide a wide range of core functions. It lacks basic features like analytics and reporting. Large enterprises who are thinking of using this platform must check to see if it provides everything they need.

In conclusion, OpenCart is a wise decision for those SMBs who need a ‘no-frills’ shopping cart. It is dependable, flexible, secure and comes with an appropriate number of features needed to run an online store.

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