Enterprise Tech News: Oracle Release Project Visual Code, IBM’s New Power8 Cloud Systems, CouchDB 2.0 Is Now Available

23 Sep. 2016 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Oracle introduces a low-code development platform for enterprise users, IBM introduces new Power8 cloud systems, services, solutions, and CouchDB 2.0 comes with clustering and easy-to-use query language.

Oracle Announces Project Visual Code For Businesses To Develop SaaS Applications

Oracle Launches Visual Project Code For Enterprises To Build SaaS Apps

Oracle has unveiled Project Visual Code, a comprehensive cloud-based application platform for low-code development. This platform quickly enables customers to build bespoke, stand-alone applications by visually building and publishing new integrated apps to fit any business requirement.

“Businesses need to be dynamic to remain relevant in today’s fast-paced business environment,” said Bill Pataky, Vice President of product management for tools and frameworks at Oracle. “Project Visual Code introduces an effective way for business users to innovate in tandem with IT. It enables business users to extend and enrich off-the-shelf applications and build new solutions that can increase business efficiency and drive better results.”

The low-code platform features a visual tool for developing and hosting web and mobile apps, a UI design system, a UI component architecture, and business objects for developing applications over any REST-based service.

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IBM Launches New Cloud-Ready Systems, Storage, & Software

IBM Unveils New Cloud Systems, Storage & Software

IBM has rolled out new cloud systems, storage, and software to simplify data management across a hybrid cloud environment. It comes with new IBM Power Systems that are integrated with OpenStack-based cloud management and elastic consumption models.

Big Blue also unveiled new z Systems for analytic insights at its IBM Edge event in Las Vegas. It was aimed at simplifying the data movement, applications, and services while using the company’s Power8 processors. With this SaaS-based offering, the users will be able to make app decisions on the basis of trends in performance data through a GUI dashboard. Moreover, IBM has also unveiled Spectrum Copy Data Management, a product that boosts agility and efficiency across both new and traditional applications by utilizing managed data copies.

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CouchDB 2.0 Is Now Released

Release Of CouchDB 2.0

CouchDB 2.0, the latest version of Apache Software Foundation’s NoSQL database solution is now available. This latest version address performance, especially the newly added support for clustering in CouchDB. However, query language ‘Mango’ is the most notable improvement addressing the long-standing complaint that CouchDB is difficult to use for beginners.

Mango is easy-to-use and faster in operations compared to the existing JavaScript-based Views. CouchDB also features a completely rewritten admin interface which is built in React.js and has a modern look, advanced features as well as a code-base which is easy to contribute to.

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