Oracle’s Updated Version of Mobile Development Toolkit

03 Jun. 2013 Enterprise Tech News

Oracle has modified its mobile development toolkit, and claims it will now be easier for programmers.

Mobile Release 1.1 of Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) Mobile has now been made generally available. The latest version of the framework is said to make application development for the programmers easier. They will now be able to build applications across a broader range of operating systems that too from a single code base.

The framework, part of Oracle’s Fusion middleware, is based on Java and HTML5. This latest version of the Application Development Framework Mobile now supports recent versions of operating systems such as the iOS and Android. It has the additional features of device-native push notification and full-file attachment viewing. The developers will also have access to native functionality using the JavaScript, since Oracle’s framework now offers a new infrastructure for integrating devices based on Apache Cordova APIs.

Oracle Headquarter

In a statement, Chris Tonas, Oracle VP for application development, said “With push notification and the new Cordova infrastructure, Oracle ADF Mobile 1.1 further enhances developer productivity and enables them to cost effectively deliver mobile applications faster”.

Oracle says that the support for native-device push notifications will allow updates from the enterprise systems and middleware to be instantly pushed into the mobile app. The full file attachment feature will allow you to see various types of file attachments and mitigate any differences in the platforms. The new features in this latest version of the framework include data visualization and badging support, which will allow mobile users to get visual indicators for application events and updates.

So programmers, you now have a great chance to develop better mobile apps!

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