Out of Box Thinking

12 Nov. 2010 General

The World is moving fast. Innovation has become the spring board to success at a higher level. Innovation, creativity and the likes are buzz words these days. Majority of us may think that creativity is a gift from above and few are born with it, however I would beg to differ.

Anyone can be creative!

There is no particular way or method to think creatively, and success lies in implementing our thoughts that emerge daily but are held back due to fear.

The word “Out Of Box Thinking” came into existence as a weapon to address ‘problem solving’, as a means to find solutions to critical problems and even to bring innovative ideas. So for every new innovation, there exists the need of out of box thinking.

Before stepping further into ‘Out of Box Thinking’, let’s see the outcome of the inside-box thinking. Inside-box thinking kills the birth of new ideas. People, who think within boundaries, miss the experience of challenging the status quo, the emergence of imagination. This makes even great people run out of enthusiasm and passion in what they do. It even makes great performers stop trying and forces them to get comfortable in the zone they are in which brings in monotony!

The only way to generate ideas is to step outside of that comfort zone… The box! It is no rocket science! Having said that it requires passion and focus to do what you do best. A strong zeal to excel and leave an identity of yourself in whatever you do because it is unique!

Though there is no specific formula to out of box thinking, as a team there are ways to move forward. My experience tells me that the key ingredient is an ‘open mind’. It reminds me of the saying: “Minds are like parachutes, they only function, when open”

Openness involves active imagination, predilection for curiosity and attentiveness to inner feelings and cues from the surrounding. It introduces you to your inner self, gives you new perspectives.

Next comes focus and striving for excellence. Any action in life without focus goes for nothing.

Listening to others and sharing views, brainstorming as they call it, is the one ignition that kick-starts the generation of ideas. You will be surprised at the speed at which minds coming together will work!

Once you have those ideas, what counts is action!

Following the above few tips will help pave the way to innovative solution and ideas and not to mention, break the myth “One is born with creativity”.

Start out of box thinking!

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